• Ferrari FX

Ferrari FXX – an extreme version of the Ferrari Enzo, intended solely for racing tracks (not approved). Testing the car started at the end of 2004. FXX name comes from the fact that the initially planned production of only twenty cars, but produced twenty nine cars plus two additional copies for Jean Todt’a and Michael Schumacher, which alone was painted entirely in black. At the beginning of the sale price of a single model amounted to 1.5 million euros.

October 28, 2007 FXX Evoluzione presented, the version of the car created in collaboration with Michael Schumacher and other holders of the FXX model. The aim of the changes was the adjustment and fine-tuning the car in technical terms, which FXX Evoluzione had upgraded powertrain, transmission and suspension, and thus better performance and better handling. Offer upgrade FXX sent to all holders of competing model in a specially prepared for this car page> Events FXX races.