• Ferrari F512 M

The Ferrari Testarossa is a sports car Grand Touring Italian automaker Ferrari. Powered by a central engine block rear flat 12-cylinder 390hp (V open 180 ° and not a real boxer as flat 12 Porsche 917, which is also a flat engine), it is capable of reach speeds of 300km/h and was presented at the World Motor Paris in 1984. This is the penultimate series car out plants Maranello under the reign of Commendatore Enzo Ferrari disappeared Aug. 14, 1988 just after the release of the Ferrari F40; a special series was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand.

She takes the name of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (car model mythical race of the Ferrari scuderia 1950) and became one of the iconic brand cars and 1980s.

Real “must” of the 1980s, it came from the Ferrari legend, even if today the models exceed in performance.

With an aluminum body (except the doors and roof), an inner two places generously trimmed in leather, a manual gearbox 5 reports the home faithful habits, a displacement of 4942 cm3, 48-valve, the Testarossa combines luxury and sportsmanship.

With 0 to 100km/h in 4.8 “, 400 m in the 12” 6 ‘and crossing the kilometer in 23.9 seconds at more than 230km/h, the Testarossa is one of the few automobiles power approaching 300km/h while maintaining excellent handling, safe and accurate, although a little less clear beyond 250km/h.

Result of a thorough study aerodynamics, Ferrari maintains excellent support on the back and front, and this even at high speeds. An observer from the World Motor Paris at the time noted that, unlike competing cars – Lamborghini, Porsche, etc.. – The Testarossa did not need spoiler, since it is a spoiler of two meters wide…

Sold 790,000 Francs at its output, the Testarossa will experience an international business career until 1991, and will see two developments, more mechanical and stylistic: the Ferrari 512 TR in 1992 revamped the front and at the rear quarter panel with removing gates for a more aerodynamic profile, slightly modifying the profile of the car. and whose power is increased to 428 hp for a top speed of 313km/h then the Ferrari F512 M 1994 with connecting rods and pistons and titanium power 440hp for a top speed of 312km/h.

In the series Miami Vice, Detective James “Sonny” Crockett, played by Don Johnson, uses a Ferrari Testarossa White from the 3rd season. Originally, both cars loaned by the Ferrari dealership were black, but they were painted white to be more visible at night. One of the two was used for close-ups and was equipped with cameras, the other was used for wide shots.

In the video game Out Run, a dark-haired man, seen from behind, driving a red convertible Ferrari Testarossa.

Ferrari Testarossa appeared in several films in the cinema:

Ferrari Testarossa appears in the world of video games. It appears in many racing games. And was the representative brand of the famous saga Out Run, in effect not content to be the heroine of the game, the arcade of the latter was created from the form of this amazing car with Red Agreement Ferrari.

It also appears in several games in the Grand Theft Auto series, as Vice City and San Andreas. However, they are referred to as “Cheetah”

Ferrari Testarossa also appears in the music world. Indeed, the electronic music artist Kavinsky dedicated to automobile myth one of his own productions, Testarossa Autodrive culmination of its analog sounds.