• Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 – a supercar produced by Italian automaker Ferrari made its debut in 1987, the Ferrari celebrated its 40th anniversary. Composite body panels are made of mutually posklejanych carbon fibers. Under the bodywork mounted tubular space frame, which is fixed to the engine. The engine is a modified, derived from the predecessor, the 288 GTO. Located in the middle of V8 was installed manually. Engine Power increased two Japanese company IHI turbochargers. The drive was transferred to the rear axle. F40 In the model worked one of the turbines in the lower range and the second mainstream at higher engine speeds (from 5000 rev/min).

The suspension uses double wishbones and a spiral shock. Maximum speed was 324km/h Ferrari F40 is the last model produced at the time of the business owner, Enzo Ferrari. F40 is the next Porsche 959, Jaguar XJ220, Lamborghini Diablo, McLaren F1 and Bugatti EB 110 supercar one of the characteristic turn of the 80s and 90s