• Ferrari Enzo (F60)

Ferrari Enzo – car produced by the Italian company Ferrari, presented at the International Exhibition of Paris in 2003. It was named in honor of the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. The company planned to present the new Ferrari model in 2007, this time was to be called the F60, but the plans have not been fulfilled. Enzo was tested on the Italian oval track in Nardo where reached a speed of 355km/h, which is about 5km/h greater than given by the manufacturer. The same happened to the Bugatti Veyron seventh Super Sport (435km/h), the SSC Ultimate Aero TT (414km/h), Bugatti Veyron (407km/h), Koenigsegg CCR (388km/h), a McLaren F1 (386, 7km/h) and Brabusie Rocket S (360.5km/h) the fastest car on the test track.