• Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – car produced by the Italian company Ferrari unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, replacing the popular 575M Maranello. Abbreviation GTB stands for "Gran Turismo Berlinetta" and Fiorano is the name of the track lying just off the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

Ferrari 599 GTB, a related model for the 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari is the next model, which uses technology from Formula 1 Like most models of the company (except, among others, 612), GTB Fiorano boasts 2 of the driver and the passenger. The basic color of the outside of this model is red, but are available several color options including yellow, white, bright red, brown, navy, black, beige, blue, or colors of series "1950-1960", in which there are many varieties of blue and gray. A similar choice is interior colors from beige, the red and blue, navy blue and gray to brown.




Model 599 GTO is based on the model 599XX, as its road counterpart. The model 599 GTO mounted 670-hp V12 engine and a maximum torque of 620 Nm. 599GTO weight is 1495kg. The maximum speed of the new Ferrari is 335km/h, and the time to disperse the car from 0 to 100km/h is 3.3 seconds. For Model GTO There are seven exterior colors: white, yellow, two varieties of red, brown, navy and black. To feel comfortable in the middle, Ferrari proposes one of the 27 colors including tan, red, black, gray, blue or brown.

Version designed for pavement lane, 599XX is the most powerful V12 engine variant 599 with a capacity of 5999cm ³ 730KM generates maximum power and torque reaches 686 Nm. Version of "XX" is about 31mm lower, 122mm longer and 10mm wider than the base model 599 Despite this, the 599XX weighs almost half a ton less – 1345kg. Accurate performance are not known, but it can be assumed that they will be matched model Enzo and FXX.

Ferrari 599 HGTE is a model 599 GTB Fiorano with a package of new solutions; mainly visual. Is revised grille, and exhaust system. In the interior there are many elements made of carbon fiber, and the new sports seats. In a few places are chrome subtitle indicating that it is a model 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE. Behind the drive responds the same as the 599 GTB Engine: 6.0L V12, with a capacity of 620HP. The time needed to accelerate HGTE from 0 to 100km/h takes 3.7 seconds, which is about 0.1 seconds slower than the 599 GTB.

Model HY KERS is so far the only Ferrari car with hybrid drive. An important solution used in this model is KERS restorer system or electricity from braking. This system comes with F1 – in 2009 was used on the cars. The standard drive unit derived from the model 599 GTB Fiorano; 12 cylinders in a "V", volume 6.0li maximum power 620HP. The electric motor is a unit with a capacity of 100HP Featuring 137 Nm. Engine This is the back of the 599 HY KERS, while normal drive unit is placed at the front of the car. As yet, there are known performance of the new 599 HY KERS, because this car is just a concept.

SA Aperta is the only car without a roof from the series "599". The name comes from the names of the brothers Pininfarina (Sergio and Andrea) and "Apert" – which means "open". 599 Aperta has an engine derived from the model 599 GTO – 6.0L unit with a capacity of 670KM. SA Aperta weighs 1595kg, about 150kg less than the usual 599 GTB. It is also lower (by 14 mm) and longer (about 35mm) from the first model of a series of "599".

SA Aperta has been presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2010.