• Ferrari 500 Superfast

The Ferrari 500 Superfast is a 1964-1966 built sports car of Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. The presented at the Geneva Motor Show in February 1964 500 Superfast was the successor to the Ferrari 400 Superamerica.

Compared with the previous 400 Superamerica the wheelbase has been extended by 50 mm to 2650 mm for the 500 Superfast and Aerodinamica-coupé body refined in detail, starting from the Pininfarina-style studies Superfast III and IV Revision of the body including their minor extension was the reduction in air resistance, what an appropriately surnamed Superfast in conjunction with a more powerful V-12 cylinder engine should bring about significant increase in the speed limit.

A special position in the Ferrari story is occupied by the five-liter SOHC V12 of the 500 Superfast, he joined but the bore and mass (stroke 88 x 68 mm) and the larger cylinder spacing of the "big" Ferrari V12 designed by Aurelio Lampredi, the 410 Superamerica was the first time in the Ferrari has been used with design features of the "small" by Gioacchino Colombo designed Ferrari V12 engine, as used at that time in Ferrari 250 and Ferrari 330 been. The engine with a displacement of 4963cc made 294 kW (400hp) at 6500 rpm and accelerated the car to about 280km/h

Until 1966 came 36 copies, of which 8 with right-hand drive, all of which were coupes.

With the 500 Superfast ended in 1952, begun with the 342 America Ferrari line of development particularly expensive and large-displacement, designed primarily for the U.S. Special models.