• Ferrari 375 America

Ferrari 375 America – the first car Ferrari. High performance provided a V12 engine with a capacity of 4.5 L 300hp. The most discussed parameter of the car was its speed according to different sources amounting to at least 145mph. Acceleration was a little over seven seconds to 100km/h In 1954, car production ceased after the construction of 12 new units and showing a very similar model – Ferrari 250 Europa.

The first 375 copies of America was completed in August 1953 and 25 September of that year it was unofficially the fastest car in the world approved for traffic, the Pegaso Z-102 Supercharged has established an official record speed amounting to 152mph. The previous record since 1932 Duesenberg SJ belonged to and was 135mph. Equally fast was the Ferrari 340 America in 1951.

The market price for a model in the state of preservation (perfect condition, 100% original parts) 650 000 € (in 2005).