• Ferrari 355 F1

The Ferrari F355 is a sports car with 2 rear seats with 8-cylinder engine produced by Ferrari since 1994, which replaces the Ferrari 348. The F355 was available in three body styles: coupe (F355 Berlinetta), plate (F355 GTS) and spiders (F355 Spider). The name of this model, 355, indicated the total displacement of 3.5 liters and 5 valves per cylinder.

In 1993, the Ferrari is dedicated to the development of the heir of the 348.

During the construction, the Ferrari, he began to transfer some of the knowledge derived from the world of Formula 1 cars of the series: electronic fuel injection, flat bottom, sequential gearbox and electronically controlled suspension adjustable from the cockpit on two different settings, Normal and Sports. The latter, in particular, stiffening the suspension and, in the versions with sequential gearbox elettroattuato, the velocizzava changed.

The chassis of the F355 was built entirely of steel, the body was essentially based on the previous Ferrari 348. Motor, located in the central part of the car, it was an 8-cylinder 90 ° V with 5 valves per cylinder, capable of a maximum power of 380hp at 8250 rev/min, a significant increase compared to the 300hp of 348.

The F355 was very innovative thanks to a deep study by Pininfarina aerodynamics, so much for the passage of flows in the underbody fairing, around the cockpit of the car.

The changing of the F355 was initially a classic manual 6-speed + reverse. In 1997, for all versions of the 355 was made available for the first time in the history of Ferrari electronic gearbox "type" F1.Il F1 gearbox borrowed from the world of racing, it was a change without a clutch pedal and controlled by paddles 2 seats behind the steering wheel for the insertion and climbing gears characteristic of F1. In addition to some controls on central tunnel for the selection of the reverse gear and neutral. The clutch was semiautomatic.

In 1994 was launched the F355 Berlinetta. The coupe version of the "small" sport of Maranello, which enjoyed considerable favor with the public, thanks to an eye-catching, excellent performance and driveability with no competitors in the market. Powerful agile and elegant, was appreciated by customers sporting the home. It remained in production until 1999.

In 1995 was introduced the F355 GTS version, which kept unchanged the line of the coupe, despite being equipped with a sunroof drive classic cars "type" plate.

In 1995, the F355 Spider was also presented a version with a fabric roof wide open. It remained in production until 2000.

In 2000 was built to pay homage to the Ferrari President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, as a wedding present, a 355 Barchetta F1, it is a 355 Spider F1, Gray Alloy specially modified, with the windshield very small, with no capote roll bar reels. This is a unique specimen.

Ferrari, during the production of the F355 decided to set up a kit for the preparation Challenge for the sportier clientele and to make it participate in a very successful one-make championship.

The F355 gave way in 1999 to the new Ferrari 360.

From 1995 to 2000, the racing version of the model, ie the F355 Challenge, took part in the Ferrari Challenge. Compared to the car from which it originated, ie the F355 Berlinetta, developments were concentrated on the exhaust and friction. The engine was not changed. These versions are devoid of the chassis number (they have a special symbol) and are not immatricolabili for road use. It was replaced by the 360 ​​Challenge.

In 1999 Ferrari introduced a limited series called the F355 Spider Serie Fiorano. This produced in limited series of 100 pieces included a number of changes all’handling and aesthetics of the car including new racing-derived suspension, carbon inserts in the cockpit, four drilled and ventilated brake discs with pads changed, steering more ready and directed the black grille and rear of the Challenge version.