• Ferrari 308 GT4

Ferrari 308 GT4 and 208 GT4 2 are cut powered by a V8 built by Ferrari rear center position +2. Marketing of the 308 GT4 began in 1973; in 1975 a version called the 208 GT4 reduced engine was introduced to the Italian market. Production ceased in 1980 after production vehicles in 2826, and the car was replaced by the Mondial 8. GT4 The 308 was marketed under the name Dino 308 GT4 and 208 GT4 until May 1976 this to differentiate the range of Ferrari V12 "traditional"; then integrated the Ferrari GT4 catalog.

308 GT4 marks a revolution in the history of Ferrari in several respects. Firstly, it is the first car brand equipped V8 rear center position, which will be shortly after the bulk of sales of the firm. Then this car is the first (and only) designed by Bertone. Thereafter, Ferrari not commit a single infidelity to his "historic" designer Pininfarina.

Dino 308 GT4 was presented at the Paris Motor Show in November 1973 and marked a stylistic break with the Ferrari range at the time with its angular lines. The design of the car prompted the controversy at the time, some journalists comparing with its rivals indirect designed by Bertone, Lancia Stratos and Lamborghini Urraco. 308 GT4 finally got the insignia of the Prancing Horse in May 1976, with badges on the front wheels and wheel.

The chassis was based on that of the Dino 246 in but detached from its size to make room for the second row of seats. The suspensions were totally independent and V8 mounted transversely.

V8 3-liter, dual overhead cam head powered by four Weber carburetors 40 DCNF developing 255 hp and 230hp in Europe to the United States because of more stringent anti-pollution standards.

2,826 copies of the 308 GT4 were produced between 1973 and 1980.

The oldest model referenced in the world is owned by a French collector living in Belgium. This is a car in March 1974 with the chassis number is 08000.

Today, it is relatively easy to acquire one of these cars with copies sold at the price of a big new Diesel sedan. However, in light of the intrinsic qualities compared to other 308 model and excellent aging much-maligned style, this car is becoming a sought after collector’s item.

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1975, the Dino 208 GT4 is a reduced version of the V8 engine designed for the Italian market where cars over 2 liters were overtaxed. This engine makes 208 GT4 car series with the V8 in the smaller displacement of history, with the Ferrari 208 GTB and GTB Turbo using the same block. Power drops to 170hp at 7700 rev/min, for a top speed of 220km/h. The technical changes to the 208 GT4 also include the installation of Weber carburetors 34 DCNF smaller, choosing a lower final gear ratio and installation of tires smaller dimension. Chromium (instead of black) for baguettes adorning the body and different fog are external indicators GT4 small engine.