• Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari 288 GTO – a supercar produced by Italian automaker Ferrari unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1984. Marking reported that eight-cylinder engine has a 2.8 liter capacity. This capacity multiplied by the equalization formula 1.4 associated with the use of turbochargers put 288 GTO just below the 4-liter limit for cars without recharging, but posed Ferrari possibility of obtaining much more power than that which could be squeeze with 4-liter engine niedoÅ‚adowanego and without significant losses on fuel consumption. 288 GTO styled by Pininfarina in collaboration with experts from the aerodynamics of the Ferrari looked like the 308 on steroids. Wheelbase was increased by 110 mm, expanded the spacing of the front and rear wheels so the car better stick to the road. Increasing the wheelbase gave more space to install przekonstruowanego engine and transmission system completely different than it did in the 308-ce. The road car V8 was installed transversely behind the cab, with the gearbox under the engine block. The GTO engine was lying lengthwise, and the gearbox (new, five-axle lateral and limited slip differential) lay behind the engine. This classic racing system had a number of new features, but the main thing was that it was easier access to both the engine and the gearbox, and this is a big advantage in the race. This lowered the center of gravity of the entire vehicle. 288GTO has also undergone massive weight loss program. Where he could, Ferrari has replaced conventional materials superlekkimi, exotic materials as they apply to Grand Prix cars. Similar changes have also affected the engine. Even in a road version 288 GTO, which was now well equipped, komfrotowym car weighed about 180kg less than less than the 308-ka. If you assemble these improvements: more power with reduced weight, it turned out that the GTO was better than any other road car power to weight ratio of around 330hp/t However, in the racing version, this ratio should increase to 550hp/tonne, which was an impressive result for a sports car. The road version, it was the fastest production car by Ferrari during this time and time again Serial fastest car in the world> world.

In 1985 was created Evoluzione version – the engine generate power 650 HP (478 kW) at 7500 rev./Min, a vehicle with an unladen weight 940kg had reach a speed of 370km/h.

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