• Ferrari 275 GTB Coupe

Ferrari became known for its sporting achievements, with fast cars and effective winning major powers of Europe. But only limited to that. Yet there was a version “street”, something of which could combine aesthetics with mechanical perfection. In this context, the house of Maranello preparing a new model according to the trend. Thus, in the Motor Show Paris 1964, Ferrari had on society 275 GTB. This car broke some customs of the mark: it was the first model with the engine in front position (all the above were central position), being also the first car to bear the double route camshaft to the head and use an independent suspension for all four wheels. above But most of all, was the first Ferrari with a real beauty treatment, with the support of the house Pininfarina collaboration that continues to this day. This racing car has some smooth lines that end abruptly in the queue, which took over the famous style Dino. Aesthetically beautiful, but it was still a thoroughbred. It had a 3285 cc V12 engine, capable of delivering over 300 HP and take from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds.