• Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo

The Ferrari 208 is a sports car of Ferrari produced between 1980 and 1986 in six versions: GTB carburetors, carburetors GTS, GTB injection, injection GTS, GTB Turbo and GTS Turbo.

The engine that powered the 208, derived from the Dino 208 GT4 was designed to adequately address the oil crisis of the decade 1970/80, while consuming and polluting less than its 3000cc; as well as the Italian financial recession of those years, avoiding the heavy taxation that weighed on engines over 2000cc. The same strategy was adopted by the Lamborghini and Maserati, with car models specific to that situation.

Mechanically and aesthetically identical to the naturally aspirated V8 engine with 308 to 2926 cm ³, differed for the engine, a V8 of 1991cc, turbocharged since 1982.

This engine was dealesato than its predecessor, that is, the diameter of the cylinders was reduced to 66.8 mm, taking it to be a long stroke (71.0 mm). These measures brought the engine to be the smallest V8 ever built. Produced an output of 155 HP at 6800 revs/minute, and powered by 4 Weber carburetors, had a torque of 170 Nm delivered at 4200 rpm.

It was available in two body styles, coupe closed, GTB, and canopy with removable plate version, GTS. A total of 160 specimens were produced copies of GTB and 140 GTS.

In 1982 were introduced the Mechanical fuel injection and turbocharging, which brought the power output to 220hp. Initially this engine was only available for the GTB. Then, in 1983, also came to the GTS. Thus was born the Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo berlinetta and spider GTS. A total of 437 specimens were produced of the 208 GTB Turbo and 250 of the 208 GTS Turbo.

In 1985, minor changes were made to the car, in conjunction with the launch of the Ferrari 328. Production of the Ferrari 208 ended in 1986 with the Introduction of the Ferrari GTB Turbo and Ferrari GTS Turbo.