• Audi V8 (1988 to 1995)

Audi V8 luxury car produced by Audi AG in 1988 1994 in Neckarsulm as the top model of the brand. Was replace risers Audi A8 in 1994.

For the first time the V8 model has been presented in September 1988 at the Geneva Car Fair. Despite this, and Audi V8 uses With a common plate for resting, among others, together with the Audi 100/200, however, 32-valve, fuel injection V8 engine, a drive on four wheel drive quattro and refined gearbox allows small to compete BMW and Mercedes. Audi V8 resemble of a series 100/200, different than on the up of them grill, sitting wheelbase, widened b otnikami, other buffers or cherry leave behind wheels of. Different nice to see you can be about equally the equipment up. Audi V8 has availability to background with auxiliary heating, for memory Act seats and mirrors, closing windows and sunroof with remote control function automatic switching mirrors when reversing or phone. Auto provided with two airbags. In 1992, submissive additionally changed some elements inside the car, including climatronic panel mounted changed and changed hue wood for a more expressive. A lot of attention after Christmas cono new drive dowi of what was very important because Audi V8 to be having the first drive of the brand which mover is combination quattro system and automatic transmission.

The Audi V8 has a layout braking exotic structures due to installation of brake discs with an unusual structure in the shape of a UFO. Similar solve a zago Those angry later also in other cars of this brand, such as the Audi S4.

Production started in 1988, since 1992 produced be a equally powerful version exclusive to the engine 4.2 with 280hp.

Audi will introduce background on the market version before with his wife (Lang) from 1990 to 1993 with an engine capacity of more 3.6 l and 4.2 l Mo on her to be having acquired with six ciostopniow box gear.

In 1990, Audi infer about the track V8 model adapted for racing DTM drivers were Hans-Joachim Stuck, Walter Röhrl and Frank Jelinski forming cy teams Schmidt Motorsport. H. Stuck has won championship, and a year later the Audi will introduce for another teams for racing Audi Zentrum Reutligen in sitting with Frank Biela and Huber Haupt. Biela has won championship in 1991, but Audi will lose with a title championship in 1992. Later in odarze DTM wiadczyli, and important Crank the Audi V8 Trolling Audi withdraws and was spread of racing.