• Audi R8 (2007 to Present)

Audi R8 – German sports car Volkswagen AG produced under the mark Audi since 2006. The vehicle was built on the RSQ prototype presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2004. The premiere of the vehicle laughing and during the auto show in Paris on 30 september 2006.

In 2008, the car has won title World Performance Car of the Year, two years later the same title has won a version of the R8 V10.

The vehicle is technically related to the Lamborghini Gallardo coupe, which is produced is so small by Volkswagen AG. The production version of the vehicle was designed was a Walter de’Silva. From mid-2007 years the vehicle also available with a V8 engine with FSI media storage 4.2-liter 420hp, and since 2009 with the V10 FSI engine capacity of more 5.2-liter 525hp. The motors are placed centrally and are visible thanks glazed lid optional backlit LEDs.

Auto despite the sporty character has been adapted for (like the 911) for daily use by lowering noise and increasing in driver comfort. In the model with a V10 engine used was magnetic damper. Thanks to programs change can work on the nature of the suspension by adjusting changes in viscosity those magnetorheological fluid magnetic field. The interior of the vehicle taken was of leather, aluminum, and of my carbon fiber background.

In 2009, at International Frankfurt Motor Show presented version roadster under the name R8 Spyder. Auto for sale to hit with in 2010. Textile roof opens Spyder or closes in during 19 seconds. Auto is offered, as well as the coupé version, the V8 and V10.

525-horse V10 is different up version with a V8 engine and rear bumper uk illustration of the exhaust and a modified engine from the Lamborghini Gallardo. In 2010 the present two enhanced versions of the standard R8. Model 4.2 feature Now 430hp, and version 5.2 – 560hp in the GT.

In 2012, the car past a facelift. The car has been redesigned front bumper with new grill, headlights modified with the lights daytime running LED technology rear lights changed slightly, round small tip exhausts integrated into the new rear bumper. Have the vehicle will be used now The seven snack unit dwusprz head (S-tronic), which replace with a previous automated (R-tronic). Presented so small now, Stronger version Vehicle R8 Plus with power 550 HP. This is the fastest version of the R8, which is up to 100km/h in 3.5 s

Regional Centers in the field of safety includes electronic arrangement stabilization Bosch whose composition fall among others ABS, EBD, ASR, EDS, and dual-stage airbags.