• Audi Quattro (1980 to 1991)

Audi Quattro – model sports car produced by the company Audi AG in the period 1980-1991, which is sacred to you many triumphs on the rally route. Auto, which will change Rallies on the face and begin with er popularize the drive on a 4 wheel drive in passenger cars.

Audi quattro debuted 3 March 1980 in Geneva. Above the car worked since February 1977. Ferdinand Piech Then, Jorg Bensinger, Hans Nedvidek and several designers from Audi has started to of worked the revolutionary sports car. The idea of ​​a drive on four wheels beget up a during winter testing the Audi 200 and Volkswagen Iltis. Have turned on the up if small roadster slow faring better in winter conditions than sports sedan with 170 hp. Group engineer has decided a Adapted drive on 4 wheels for passenger cars. The resulting the first prototype resist months out for Audi 80 B1, equipment located in the arrangement of a drive on four wheels with the Volkswagen Iltis and the engine of the Audi 200 Another prototype is based up already prepared for the production of the Audi 80 Type 81 (B2). After testing and conviction board design get green light and was commissioned to develop a lean body appearing a on the Audi 80 first driver to test Hannu Mikkola. After the short path Commented possible options with a car: In the background there has experienced em a whiff of the future is you. This car will revolutionize rallying forever. The first prototype of the spell cast by abbreviation A1 are: Allrad 1 (That is, simply, with the drive dem all-wheel up). The same designation wear and then the first evolution of this car rally.

Auto presented in Geneva technically based was spread in many parts of the Audi 80 Type 81, on its basis was formed about equally Audi Coupe quattro Audi 85 type wear on the inside exterior designation Type 85, the car outside Internally stand out with a poszerzeniami wheel arches, wide buffers, etc. Under the mask worked engine five ciocylindrowy with turbo recharging, initially with capacity of more 2.1li 200hp. To a highly developed engine moths known from the Audi 200 5T Type 43 has 10 valves and mechanical fuel injection. Audi quattro with this engine rozp spends was spread to 100km/h in 7.1 secondsand reaches a for speed maximum 222km/h Auto to be having featuring a standing drive on 4 wheels with lockable center and rear mechanism different nicowym. The first serious look at upgrading the car laughing and place along with the freshly overload range of Audi 80 Typ81 at the end of 1982. Then double square headlights replacing complex vertical headlights and introduced electronic pointers. Earlier also changed arrangement of the control locks nap bugs. In 1984 the car past a seriously important modernization. Again changed the dummy radiator and headlights from behind the black lights used by Franke, introduced a completely new interior and electronic pointers AutoCheck system of synthesis speech. Under the hood will new ball ciocylindrowy, turbo loaded engine capacity of more 2.2 of the same power. Improve up a flexibility the car, now accelerating to 100km/h as he holds about 6.7s. In 1987, with the introduction of new generation mover du quattro all left over as Audi models Audi quattro outfitted it in the arrangement of the drive dowy with central rose nicowym Torsen type and RUNNING for help button locks rear axle. Last seriously at upgrading the car laughing and in 1989, under the hood will the modified engine 2.2 equipped located in 20 of stations heads, come with holding a power 220hp. Audi quattro 20V rozp spends was spread to 100km/h in 6.3 secondsand reaches a for speed maximum 230km/h In this form of auto to be having produced until 1991, and its official next pc was about Audi Coupe S2 type 8B.

In total, more than 11 thousand were produced. units of the Audi quattro, the rarest s models of motor 20V, which was formed by under 1000.

This is an abridged version of the Audi quattro. Built on the need for the approval of group B. It has been racing background presented at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt in 1983. Today meadow shorter wheelbase car laughing about that more feedback. For the purposes of approval produced 220 pieces. By car available in sales from December 1984, the horrendous the price 195 000 DEM you want to communicate raised from 1 January 1985 to 203,850 DEM (at the same time, the Porsche 911 Turbo was sold for about 100 000 DEM). At that time, be is the most expensive heavier model series produced German car. Despite the price, Sport Quattro have found about 170 private buyers. In addition to a shorter wheelbase, the car stand out with a wider wheel arches, modified front and mask, a converted tables Resolution and significant technical modifications. Despite the short wheelbase car was a 4 bed. Under the hood worked five ciocylindrowy 2.1 turbocharged engine ark and 20-of stations heads reaching cy power 306hp. Acceleration from 0 to 100km/h as he holds about 4.9 seconds, and speed maximum of this car is with 250km/h The next version – racing – holds a power of 331 kW/450 and HP; and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is for 3.5 secondsin the context of 220 copies produced was formed about equally 20 units of the Audi Sport quattro S1 with a capacity of 390 kW/530hp and acceleration of 2.6 seconds to 100km/h To take part in the famous race mountain in the USA – Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 1987 – was formed a special version of Audi Sport quattro S1 Pikes Peak with a strong ospojlerowaniem and wings I thrust from behind, with an engine power of 440 kW/598hp, which is acceleration for less than 2.5 seconds to 100km/h

Stock car version avaliable be the only body in several colors: white, red, green, blue, black. Currently, the market price of the car amount to over 100 thousand. euro.

The creators of quattro from the beginning with a candle With us Lo rally car use. Shortly after the start of mass production variations, in January 1981 the first rally quattro version just taken Janner Rally in Austria immediately Winning cw debut. In the same year he debuted quattro With equally in the championship of the world, winning c of the advantages nearly six-minute first episode special. For the advantage in most of the help you up drive on four wheels a It should add believe it was thanks quattro rally started it used s nap d In 1984. Hannu Mikkola win Rally of Portugal at the helm quattro A2 sponsored by HB. You can that say that these two models to a small sort of ribbon pem to rally Group B.