• Audi Q3 (2011 to Present)

Audi Q3 – a compact crossover car manufactured by the German company Volkswagen AG under the brand Audi since 2011. Audi Q3 was based on a plate for resting platforms Volkswagen Group A5 (PQ35) known from Volkswagen and Volkswagen Golf V Tiguan

Audi is available and the two versions of R4 engine 2.0 TFSI (170 and 211hp) and two 2.0 TDI (140 and 177hp). Power can be carried on about front or both axes by 6-Gears box manual b d 7-Gears S-Tronic.

Model occur Occurs also in Q3 RS version, which is outfitted has been in R5 2.5 TDI engine (360 KM/265 kW, 465 Nm). Wed Services to the manufacturer acceleration from 0 to 100km/h takes 5.5 seconds, while the speed Max was a limited electronically to 250km/h Average fuel consumption per 100km is 8.8 l/100km. In order to improve driving lowered it by 25 mm suspension for better spread down the battery weight placed in the luggage this. In addition, incorporate enhanced layout Brake – ventilated and drilled discs on the front and much larger wheels in the back u From the outside the new model is characterized by 19 – or optional 20-inch alloy wheels, aerodynamic trim and brushed aluminum accents. The front apron was used black grill type “honeycomb”, from behind a small diffuser and single, Oval church cÄ‚Å‚wk layout of the exhaust.