• Audi Pikes Peak Quattro

Audi Pikes Peak quattro concept of pi ciodrzwiowego SUV from Audi. Was presented in 2003 at the Geneva Auto Show. In addition to Pikes Peak, his Prime Minister had a small well two other concepts: Nuvolari quattro and the Le Mans quattro.

Auto to be having fueled V8 4.2 FSI with two turbocharged with weights in uk board TwinTurbo which giveth about 500hp power and 630 N M of torque. Pikes Peak has automatic, six ciobiegow box Gear that the transfer with the power to standing drive on a four wheel drive quattro.

Vehicle title comes from the top of Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains which takes place race mountain. In the 80 ‘Audi car with the drive quattro refers dem There s victory.

At the base of Pikes Peak quattro was constructed Audi Q7, which premiered laugh and the place in 2005.