• Audi Cabriolet (1990 to 2000)

Audi Cabriolet debuted For the market in 1991. It was created based on the Audi Coupe, presented in 1988. Model labeled 8G7 belongs to the group B4 models with which it connects it to both look and solve a technical. Engines also dating produced in parallel with the sedan, Avant and Coupe, as well Audi A4 (1.8 L 125HP).

Two-door zp Óciennym roof housed a 4 person, though in full comfort travels up only the front seats. Car compared to a heavily redesigned Coupe structures body and, above all reinforced a floor and thresholds, which is dictated by the behavior of stiff you despite the lack of a fixed roof.

Matter mid roof according knifes on the version composed and distribution made up manually or electrically, but retaining latch in for the windscreen frame belongs block and unlocking hand, which is dictated by relativity dami safety. Without a manual unlocking the roof does not open up, which prevents accidental opening while driving.

Bumpers, lights front and body moldings dating directly from the Coupé. The rear lights resembling those of the sedan, which is modeled whole s you vehicle, but s interchangeable with pretty inn version. Bumpers and mirrors are painted in body color, a hallmark of the Convertible is chrome-plated windshield frame and chrome border, running down dancing around across the cabin belt airliner. Each is Audi Cabriolet was about featuring a front turn signals located at bumper and headlights of two rec veins nikach, available in two versions. Basic has two conventional RX small speakers and uses a light bulb H4 lights beam and main beam and H1 as an extra A light bulb Lights road. Can also meet soczewkowymi cars with lights of passing on light bulb H1. In this version of light traffic use it conventional RX veins nickels and a light bulb H1. In both cases, the light position are placed in the outer part of the lamp.

Suspension Audi Convertible is well known from the Audi 80 B4 single wishbones and McPherson struts with anti-roll bar at the front and beam twisted tna with the spring liquids Rubowymi with you U Such an arrangement is extremely lasts Yi provides good comfort to travel. However, compared with the competitive BMW 3 Series Convertible Audi running at max Tach pales; Transverse unevenly love or forgiveness of gas in the bends of a cause nadsterowno, which usually is assigned cars with rear drive.

Arrangement of steering a classic snack unit with strips with a bat (Pot. ‘Mangler’) for symmetric Dr. meadows managers. Power layout is standard equipment steering-up of each Audi Cabriolet.

Cabriolet model, like any holiday Audi since mid-80s, was made of galvanized sheet metal on both sides, so you in up to Owners of cars from Ingolstadt problem of corrosion of the chassis or body is a stranger.

Audi decided was spread the use of the truncated range of engine the Audi 80 B4, and the addition in 1997 to 1.8 L engine palette, coming lying with the Audi A4. Point of interest It is small for a nap du all models of the B4 engine used government governmental 4 and 5-cylinder and a forked “six”. The motors are placed along with no front mover is transmitted to the wheels and the front. Oddly enough, the Audi Cabriolet will never get wonky famous nap Du quattro. To surprising be about equally in this application model diesel engine Nego 1.9 TDI, which, in turn, never will the Coupé. All engines typically transmitted S for a drive through the manual, 5 Gears snack unit, but you can be on ordered version with automatic four PRZE background-ups.

As you know one of the main competitors of Audi’s BMW. Both companies very quickly see that good train hauling competition, so in the Audi had to offer find up model that pickup by customers the only time Cabriolet, built on a car-based middle class, which is BMW 3 Convertible. Models Audi 80 and the BMW 3 E36 louse S for sale in Europe in a very similar period and competed with each other s directly, so the launching production of the Audi Cabriolet started in preferred time. From fresh and very modern, they then your 80 luxuriously equipped with a composite Cabriolet to be having a car with a high prestigious u still current resolve technical Some solutions. Presented in 1988 Audi Coupe © giveth Much new can be opportunities, with a view of the placement of the fuel tank under a floor luggage nika (formerly in vertically rear couch), and the design of the bottom nothing reaching for falling into the rear lane. Early important solution, where the components of the car wheel parts up on attaching the rear axle is not showed by about possible options with a place in the rear part of the car a heavy structure and a mechanism for receipt of the roof, without significant changes to the chassis and body, which prisoner is found too big costs in the case of little popular convertible.

At a time when manufactured to be having Audi 80 B4, appear on the market up another very menacing competitor, or Mercedes C-class, produced as a classic sedan and station wagon. In addition, BMW finish the production of E30 Touring model and replace with it with E36 Touring model. Older trades up Audi 80 had to for the 1994 paragraph fist much more technically advanced and modern niejszemu Audi A4, in 1995, a similar fate version Avant, replacing division the A4 Avant, and a year later finish czono production CoupĂŠ not showing c next Successor. Taking, however, one considers the small convertible is the most expensive Lower in design and production, and yet rarest version of each car, the Audi left behind on the Cabriolet offer to other mid-2000, the only changes to the end entire production to small changes in equipment down standard and offer side airbags and a new 1.8 20V engine with 125hp, coming lying model A4. Next you pc Cabrioletu the Audi A4 Convertible created based on the Audi A4 B6.