• Audi A8 (1994 to 2003)

Audi A8 German luxury car brand Audi manufactured since 1994 as the next successor Audi V8. Competes in the group of exclusive cars of the BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XJ, Lexus LS, Mercedes S-Class and Volkswagen Phaeton. As one of the few limousines in most of the versions supplied with your wife is standing drive on 4 wheel quattro, and the only (except Cadillacs: DeVille DTS) car in its class in the basic version equipped with artificial snow a mover front. Since 2010 he has produced third generation model.

A8 is the first car produced wielkoseryjnie (and one on the Honda NSX), which metalw made exclusively made using aluminum (1997). It bears the names Audi Space Frame (ASF), was created as a result of working together with businesses Alcoa.

Audi A8 D2 debuted For Europe in 1994. In contrast to its predecessor, the Audi V8, the car was characterized up metalw self-supporting n performances in a whole those of aluminum. The solution of this will allow taking in reduction the weight of its own vehicle. Model occur Serious version of the standard and the extension tube institutional consultative body established (A8L) wheelbase.

Audi A8 has availability to be having a standard przednionap waterway configuration, the competition in the segment outfitted be a standard mover rear. With the strongest units (V8 3.3 TDI and 4.2 V8, later so small W12 6.0) standard occur Serious mover quattro use up months arrangment Torsen.

Checking back Du u Ywano benzynowych silników 2.8 V6 (174 KM, Ode 1996 – 193 KM), V8 3.7 (230/260 KM) oraz V8 4.2 (300/310 KM – Z Kszono liczb Zaworów back na 5 cylinder) i wysokopr nych V6 2.5 TDI (150/180 KM) oraz V8 3.3 TDI (225 KM). Ode 2001 dost PNA by’s Benzynowa jednostka W12 6.0 o mocy 420 KM. Powsta O 750 egzemplarzy you tej konfiguracji. Samochody z mocniejszymi jednostkami laps Dowymi wyposa By one Yw elektroniczn blokad pr DCX przy ci 250km/h.

In 1996, he conducted the first facelift, modernized look Headlight and cabins Passenger ersk.

On the market North American ski model will go together with the implementation of submitting her to produce a vintage 1997. looking forward car up then some modernization, standard equipment up embraced by, among others, six airbags. Audi every year slightly from fresh up on the model. Production Generation finish czono in September 2002.

On the basis of first-generation model was built Audi S8 D2. Mover is 4.2 V8 engine with a capacity of 340, 360 and 1999 hp. Modifications were so small arrangement of braking, suspension and wheels, chassis outfitted it in some sporting accents.

Audi A8 D3 – will go the European market in November 2002. Compared to its predecessor, you say Kszono body dimensions and wheelbase. Like the A8 D2, D3 occur Serious about also in the version of the extension tube Institutional consultative body established wheelbase. From 2005 to range drive units with official they joined a small modern petrol engines with bow illustration FSI power. Mover moved to on about front or on both axes (quattro). For the transfer of torque to the wheels and responsible be a 6-speed manual and Automatic Transmission blue sky d snack multitronic gearboxes.

In 2005, the redesigned been look grille radiator – first for the W12 version 6.0, V8 variants will receive a small new grill next pnym year. As in the case of the first generation created so small version S8. For her nap High in rye V10 5.2 FSI injection power of 450hp. In addition, the car stands out up stiffer suspension, ceramic brake discs or these Holy leave behind the tires. Year 2008 (production from August 2007) passed another facelift, It is implemented as small new systems to support the driver, Audi Side Assist – rises above cy vehicles with blind spot mirrors and Audi Lane Assist – react months when the driver takes up changing lanes without first signaling. Production Second generation finish taken up in November 2009.

Audi A8 D4 hit into production in November 2010 already as the year 2011. A8 D4 based was about on a plate for resting MBL developed by the Volkswagen Group, used was and were also the Audi Space Frame technology known from the previous generation A8. Wandered through this vehicle is bes Ejszym model of the drive dem AWD in its segment, the best falls so small fuel consumption.

Gam drive units with official is three petrol engines and two diesel half. Like the previous generation, also available is so small version of the extension tube Institutional consultative body established wheelbase (A8L). In normal adult conditions for a drive quattro ensures the transfer of 60% torque at about rear, when the situation demands it worth it This can be increased email to 80% (or 60% for the front axle).

In 2013, IPOs For the A8 after a facelift. Changed much front and the back part car, used more powerful engines that have consumes less fuel. The car features several technical innovations, including made in innovative LED technology indicators, which gradually lighted c pointing direction of twist, and LED headlights with these systems to illuminate a turn-based FRI data from GPS blinds curtains aniaj cymi selected points luminous, if detected by cameras another vehicle.

RÄ‚Å‚wnocze A8 is not the German company presented a facelift The strongest version S8. This model propelled a 520-hp 4.0 TFSI engine and accelerates to 100km/h in 4.2 s

In 2013, the manufacturer presented version Audi A8 W12 Exclusive, which is to be produced in 50 copies. The car you will be featuring a 500-hp W12 engine with a capacity of 6.0-liters you. In addition, model will be also available only in the variant before With a salty, too ca production take up branch Quattro GmbH in the city of Neckarsulm.

In mid-January 2014, Audi presented For a manufacturing version Armoured A8 L Security created with thought the most the discerning customer. The car meets the requirements of immunity ballistic VR7 – body and glass withstand blades with piercing ammunition used by NATO troops. Auto has these specially framed a floor which provides protection against improvised adunkami.