• Audi A5 (2007 to Present)

Audi A5 – Sports Car Series Grand tourer produced by Audi since 2007. Auto was by presented while still at the Geneva Auto Show and Melbourne on 6 March 2007 year.

Originally the car also available to the coupe version. In September 2009 to the production of introduced varieties liftback also referred to Sportback and convertible.

Vehicle structurally based on the fourth generation Audi A4. The car company is back on the market Medium size coupe since the Audi 80 Audi A5 The model uses about now technology MLP (Modular Longitudinal Platform) which has up b d Next BC generations of the A4, A6 and A8. To prevent the A5 model Yczono many elements of the Nuvolari concept model that has engine bi-turbo V10 with 600hp.

In 2011, the car past a facelift. The vehicle will receive among others new grill, new headlights with a different shape made in the technology of LEDs and other lights and the rear. In 2010 we presented sportswear varieties RS5.

Sportiest version called A5 S5, outfitted in for a drive quattro and aspirated Months V8 4.2 FSI (354HP @ 7000rpm, 440nm @ 3500rpm).

Model S5 convertible version also available from other mid-2009. Equipment is located in the turbo loaded V6 engine with a capacity of more 3.0-liter 333hp.

Standard accessories-up includes Audi A5 electrically adjustable and heated mirrors exterior, xenon headlights with bow illustration of washing and the lights daytime running made in LED technology with heated washer nozzles, lights and fog in front, adjustable electric front windows, air-conditioning automatic.