• Audi A4 (2007 to Present)

Audi A4 car middle class produced by Volkswagen AG under the brand Audi since 1994 as the next successor Audi 80

Audi A4 was presented in 1994. Baz to his creation be a new motherboard under resting VAG marked PL45 (since 1996 applied also in the Volkswagen Passat B5). The car standard with wife to in petrol engines with a capacity of those 1.6 (ADP/AHL/ARM/ANA/ALZ), 1.8 (ADR/APT/ARG/AVV), 2.4 (APZ/AMM/AGA/ALF/APS/ARJ/AML), 2.6 (ACZ/ABC) and 2.8 (AAH/ACK/APR/AMX/ALG) L and diesels for media storage 1.9 (AFF/1Z/AHU/AHH/AFN/AVG/AJM/ATJ) and 2.5 (AFB/AKN) L, the power transmitted to on a front wheel a Later have come to engines: a 1.8 Turbo (AEB/APU/ANB/AWT/AJL), 2.6 (ABC). Introduced so small version quattro drive demos on both axes. Version tops Audi A4 to (Until the up SRS4) model of S4 equipped located in the loaded engine with capacity of more 2.7 (AGB/AZB) L and power 265hp. Can these meet A4 with 170-hp 1.8 T (AWM) produced for the U.S. market, and (AJL) with 180-hp engine fitted as standard in Europe also Audi TT.

Newsflash be ou life Tiptronic gearbox which allows on a choice of manual or automatic mode the gearbox.

In 1996, he debuted With a wagon version called the Audi A4 A4 Avant. In 1997, Audi A4 past the first very gentle facelift. In 1999, Audi A4 past the second, and this time a lot of larger one facelift. The car changed bumpers, moldings, door handles and installed a new, ellipsoid headlamps with clear lenses with the option ksenonĂłw. Inside has new seats and consoles changed Centered. Moved washer and space version of ksenonami added extra in front bumper. Doshas A navigation option. In 2000 he had spot market debut of the Audi RS4 B5 station wagon with an engine power of 380hp.

In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1996 model hare 3 position (For Fiat Bravo/Brava and the Peugeot 406).

Audi A4 B6 was presented in about 2000. The vehicle is based on a new plate for resting PL46. This model was subjected to moderate faceliftingowi. In addition to the body you say Kszono so Eo few inches interior, improved in the background Properties Your handling and comfort thanks applying new suspension made of aluminum. In sitting with equipment down serial located among others ESP, power brakes and side airbags.

In 2001, he was introduced to the market now version Avant, and in 2002 introduced the Audi A4 FSI engine and version Convertible with automatic composition out bed, shallow óciennym roof, which replace with a Audi Cabriolet. Offered so small now S4 versions with a V8 engine with 344hp.

Newsflash be of such a small introduction Multitronic continuously variable transmission supplied by the plant layouts LuK, which replace with a Tiptronic gearboxes in models of the drive demos on the front about.

Audi A4 B7 was presented in about 2004. This car is based on a plate pool heati resting PL46, and so the same as the previous generation (8E, B6). From a technical point of view, the second and third generation are A4 so really the same car. In variations concerning revised styling, access, pnej range of engines, and also a modification in the electrical and electronics.

In modernize MENTIONED versions have come to engine 2.0 TFSI and 3.2 FSI and TDI diesel engines: 2.0 and 3.0. Autumn this group they joined and 2.7 TDI unit, which replace with a its 2.5-liter counterpart.

Gearboxes left over without change, the optional automatic transmissions versions of the drive demos on the front about delivered to small from the box Multitronic gearbox and quattro versions of the box Tiptronic.

2.0 TFSI Quattro 220 KM (162 kW) 6-biegów (DTM Edition)

The new convertible on the market came in until February 2006.

Audi A4 B8 was presented with the Love of the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in 2007. Version combo presents year burn her at the exhibition in Geneva. In 2011, the car past a facelift. In the same year started offering version Allroad.

Used engines as before with a direct fuel injection designated respectively as TFSI view of the bottom of the FSI or TDI, namely:

You can choose from three gear nicely the new 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission and continuously variable.