• Audi 90 (1984 to 1987)

Audi 90 to be having one of the models offered by the company Audi. Models marked with this symbol to a small offered in Europe in the period 1984-1991, America Northern in 1987-1994. Audi 90 be a more luxurious, sporty, better made and equipped with a salty variant of the Audi 80

This model would produced from 08.84 to 03.87. Auto wear on inside exterior designation B2, b D Typ81 for models with front-drive Demos, and Typ85 for models with the drive quattro dem. Auto to be having a direct middle next Pc Audi 80 CD 5S (1981-1984) and the Audi 80 quattro (1983 to 1984). Auto different than on the up from the Audi 80 front and the back parti Body, featuring has been in wide front headlights, a wide bumpers with integrated halogen and turn signals, and chrome strips on the bumpers and fender strips, from the back while wide blend on the tailgate, the models with the drive quattro dem laugh additionally DART on the lid luggage compartment. Inside occur Serious and slightly modified dashboard, velor upholstery and zag Headers Frame. Each is equipped with the Audi 90 Ano central locking, standard quattro models occur Serious ABS, Power Steering occur Serious about the standard of engine 2.2. List outfitted auxiliaries be and very d Service and embraced by, among others, air conditioning, heated seats, PC board sample, el. windows and mirrors, sunroof, leather trim.

Occur Serious about in four engine versions:

Audi 90 B3 was presented in about 1987 shortly after the presentation of the new Audi 80 and to be having produced until 1991. Similarly to B2 also distinguish up of about up from the basic model. Used wide headlamps and integrated turn signals in the bumper and a light fog, in the backside turn, as in the case of model B2 rear lights there S on the flaps luggage compartment. Also available to a small two interesting special versions Exclusive and Sport, the first stands up a chrome additives on the bumpers, fenders and bars around windows, laughing and were also more comfortable fitted-up (including electronic air conditioning, wood trim, a white leather upholstery). The second version was characterized up a lack CHROME, outfitted be in thin plastic strips on the door, depressed suspension and sports seats in the front. Changes inside compared to the Audi 80 limits are around, only velor upholstery with a special formula and series of frame zag pencils. Like the predecessor list of equipment down to an additional arrangement Service and has covered a further conditioning electronic, electrically adjustable seats, the Auto Check and ProconTen

Version 2.3 20V axis strings: 0-100 8.0 sec Version 2.3 10V axis strings: 0-100 9.0 sec

Auto occur Serious head following with different versions of motor:

All engines except 1.6 TD featuring were in five cylinders existed or maybe possibility Order an automatic transmission for models without a nap du quattro, ABS to fitted as standard with quattro versions.

Audi 90 B4 to be having offered only and exclusively made in the market North American State in 1993-1995. From the European version distinguishes up of about up completely than another shape tem front and rear bumpers. Auto occur Serious of the three variants equipped pose:

Regional Centers ka Each version to be having a virtually complete model CS tributary payment required only paint pearly or metallic, appetizers automatic gearboxes and a bag for transporting skis. Extras such as electric seats, el. windows, mirrors, sunroof, electronic air conditioning and leather upholstery to a small standard. Auto occur Serious about only one engine, featuring to head engine 2.8 V6 (174HP)