• Audi 80 (1972 to 1978)

Audi 80 model D-segment passenger car produced by Audi AG in the period 1972-1995 (Convertible version to 2001).

The first version (B1) has won With the title Car of the Year 1973.

The B2 version in the early ’80s to produce diesel engine was introduced, and the second generation facelift (1984) brought the full galvanized body, it would be used in all of the following pnych generations. Since 1982 occur Serious and furthermore variety Quattro outfitted in standing drive on both axes.

Luxury varieties Audi 80 to model 90, the market for North American models B2 State wears a small indication 4000, a B4 90 In 1996, following fist to halt production of the model, which was replace risers model A4.

The first generation model debuted background in 1972. Replace Serious and she F103 model. To drive a court in Rye R4 engines with camshaft Dem SOHC type. The car also available to as 2 – and 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon, which was offered only for the North American ski. There they auto to be having marketed under the Audi Fox. Technically, the model is based up to a large extent on the Volkswagen Passat B1.

The Audi 80 B1-based front suspension to be having on the columns Macpherson, while back on the beam and Dr Hand Panhard with the spring liquids Rubowymi and shock absorbers.

The result of successful development work in the field of design, the Audi 80 in 1973 was awarded the title European Car of the Year, Beating a minute. Renault 5 or Alf Romeo Alfetta.

Auto past a facelift in 1976. Introduced then your new, square front and rear lights in the style of the newly introduced Audi 100 C2 applying c so small 1.6 instead of 1.5 liter engines (still of 75/85hp) and added a new model 80 GTE engine 1.6 l fuel injection (110hp, 81 kW) replacing a c No previous version 80 GT.

In some markets offered by equally as a version of the five ciodrzwiowa Avant. To it sold successfully Volkswagen Passat with the changed dummies cooler on the Audi front of the vehicle.

Production of the first generation lasts background until 1978 when it was decided to completing a production car based on the platform of B1. Factories has left about 1 103 766 copies.

The year 1978 brought the new model 80 based on the platform B2 (designation Type 81). One year later he reached It was also to North America (model year 1980). Audi has continued work and sell their cars in Europe as 80, while in North America started it used designation of the Audi 4000. Chassis model B2 was about Giorgetto Giugiaro designed by. Despite the fact the overwhelming more part of the car is ordered with four doors, produced so small tiny numbers copies two-door version. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1979 Car busy 3 position (For the Horizon Talbot and Fiat Ritmo).

No Avant dictated to two factors: wp flow down on to a negative impact on sales Volkswagen Passat in the small version, and to be having a particularly difficult metalw Eighties threads. Fuel tank was located up because the couches (By which prevented Liwione to be having a folding backrest) and has significant that changes geometries luggage nika (short space, for a very g bok).

In December 1980, the offer will go model 80 Formel E. To It also available with the unit 1.6-liter 85HP as standard equipment Him with box Gear 4 + E (4 gears + overdrive). For accessories-up car was located up pointer shift to taller and Forward START-STOP switch in the wiper manetce, illustration adowo to stop at traffic lights, you can be about you do engine to saving fuel.

Diesel engines 80 AD model will arrive Y in August 1981 when it was introduced to the palette motor unit 1.6D power of 54HP. You can j to be having ordered made exclusively with a 5-Gears box manual. North year later, because in March 1982, Audi introduced, with 1.6TD engine that thanks turbocharged ark produces 70HP power. A more powerful diesel engine offered later also for the North American ski, where you can go to be having a buy with box manual about 5 way with ups or 3-speed automatic.

1982 brought the Two novelty: the first of them be a GTE version of the 1.8i engine (power of 112HP), the second model 2.1i Quattro equipped located in standing drive on both axles with brakes and rear central rose single rod. Since that time, the Quattro became an business card brand, designating c now as safety, comfort, on slick surfaces, and also a place the c extremely high bar in the world of motorsport.

In 1983, the UK introduced a model 80 Sports that base on the version of GTE. It has a special company Ronal alloy wheels, rubber rear spoiler, low-slung front bumper, striped interior in gray Recaro package and optional decorative body striped Audi Sport on whole-length you. Special offer, jubilee version Audi 4000CS Quattro, produced for model year 1985, 1986 and 1987.

In July 1984, Audi will conduct background bu modernization model by changing the mark on (B2a). From the outside the changes embraced s only bumpers, headlights and grill. You the vehicle was conformed to the holy kszego model 100 C3. An important changes to be having for is the introduction of a complete body of zinc. Provide For a perfect and protection against corrosion, as seen after today day. In the interior was a modified dashboard and upholstery designs.

When conducting face-lift presented the Audi 90 To This model equipped with 80 located in a larger motor unit and holding richer fitted up. The range of motor starts up a from 1.6 Turbo Diesel engine with 70hp, which would so small and offered in 80 circles or up a two beautiful ciocylindrowych (R5) petrol engines: 2.0 (115hp) and 2.2 (136hp), which soon was reamed to a capacity of 2.3 liters you. The engine version 2.2 be and were also avaliable with the catalyst, however of reduced power 115hp version przednionap waterway and the 120hp version of Quattro. In addition, European models have a small reflectors with single lamp shade for version for the North American ski holds a double diffusers and for each one headlight.

B2 platform proved up a both very versatile and pretty op profitable. Many of the components to be having a co-shared or borrowed from the Audi Coupé, Audi Quattro and Audi Sport Quattro, which helped to consolidate good corporate image in the eyes of the public, after their system drive on a four wheel Quattro proved up extremely useful in various forms of racing.

Sedan versions to small and offered until 1986 in Europe and 1987 in the world. Audi Coupe are based trades on the platform B2 produced until 1988 (model year 1989). Coupe version used With many components with the shape of the body tem of the original Audi Quattro.

Audi 5 +5 was introduced by the Australian market in October 1981, and named after Australian Special. After the Australian automotive journalists tested the new model B2, imposing onili manufacturer to the Audi 80 mount five ciocylindrowy engine from the Holy kszego Audi 100 Audi 5 +5 base on a four-door model Audi 80 B2 engine with an added 2,144 l R5, which would precursor to the model of semi-important designation Audi 90

North American Audi 4000 shall be sold as of 4000S (1.8 L) and 4000CS (2.2 l). Version CS be a twin niaczo similar to sold in Europe Audi 90 Quattro. Model CS had powered injection five ciocylindrowy engine (codename JT) with a capacity of 2226 cm ³ you. JT has a motor Cast-iron block with aluminum cylinder heads and belt drive she spend months single roller camshaft du (SOHC). This unit legitimized up a power 117hp at 5500 rpm./Min and torque amounts to embracing 171 Nm at 3300 rev./Min. The only box Gear available pn models 4000S/CS be a beautiful ciobiegowa manual with short PRZE background-ups.

The new generation of the model 80 was and presented in 1986 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Modern vehicle silhouette and background very small amount of air resistance Months Cx = 0.29. In addition, body Eighties threads was made of galvanized on both sides, which give very good results in resistance to corrosion. Work the car lasts since circa 1984 prototype for testing in the wind tunnel located up Audi museum in Ingolstadt. Compared to previous generation change submissive ap board under resting, the body became an much stiffer chod concept of placing the engine to the subframe, suspension or placement of the fuel tank left over identical to model B2. Auto collects about very good marks in crash tests, the then compared to the competition.

In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1987 model hare 2 position (For Opel Omegas A).

Newsflash be the introduction of a simple, but effective system safety Procon-ten, which protects passengers in strong cases, prominent, causing a collision c steering wheel shift toward the dashboard while stress Ann seat belt first order a court seats. An additional advantage of this system to the fact of its maintenance-free ugowo those for whole period s use. Together with the system Procon-Ten factory assembled to a small gain in the door.

New Eighties stamp introduced, and a wider range of equipment pose additional. For a list of p Atnych facilities belongs up and include Air Conditioning Mechanic b d automatic.

Already from the first year of production, you can be ordered on standing drive on 4 wheel Quattro that submissive in relation to the model B2 significantly. I applied for Dzyosiowy mechanism different locks automatically Torsen type, which is passed up the drive dow in variable proportions: 50-50% in the standard can be options with a if the slip transfer to a 75% power at about of the Holy greater grip you. Moreover arrangement has can possibility locking the rear of roses single rod to speed you about to 30km/h At speed snip senior lock is automatically spread tacked to reduce excessive wear layout transfer nap large.

The third-generation Audi 80 optionally appear up ABS, which can be off a button on the dashboard. Peculiar resolve option is to equally snake switch lights in the form of an emergency short d wigienki the right of the steering wheel, next to a wigienki blades.

In May of 1987 to salons to hit a variety of luxurious B3 Audi 90 B3. Since 1987 model B3 to available too small to market North American State. 4000 marks abandoned in favor of the well-known in Europe. Better equipped they are in relation to the cars of the old continent models to small offered with a manual gearbox, blue sky d these automatic with 3 or 4 wires with ups. Since 1988, before the bottom, It guarantees the protection body for 10 years. Since January 1989, introduced a slight change in the interior withdrawn certain patterns Upholstery, changed shifters on the steering wheel with thicker square rounded to the control computer board the Sample (early there be a button on the dashboard), changed the shape of additional lights illuminate smokers interior.

Year 1990 bring motor unit to the pallet 1.9D power of 68HP, deny C old 1.6D engine. In 1990-1991 Audi showrooms to hit a lot of special edition model 80, ie, 80 Special, 80 Sports, 80 Zentren, 80 Hamburg, 80 Kamei, 80 Young Edition, 80 Sport Edition, 80 Comfort Edition, 80 Quattro Edition 80 Frankfurt and 80 Trend Edition.

Serious n defects model B3 is inf adana rear seats. This compensates for the luggage Score for media storage 453L, however, carry the d With senior subjects turns out impossible possible. For inf Adan couches placed a huge fuel tank with a capacity of 70 liters you that allows models with diesel engines MANAGING on a range of more than 1000km with petrol engine of approximately 900km without refueling.

Audi 80 B4 (Typ 8C) was formed on the upgraded platform with the Audi 80 B3 (Type 89/8A). Presentation of the model laughing and place in August 1991, the first year of the model for to already 92 ‘.

From the outside vacuum Discerned no up spectacular roses nothing: auto outfitted it in another mask motor (Scalon with Grll), bumpers, b otniki, standard wheels and 15 “, introduced these better of quality material s interior. ABOUT almost 7cm was relationship Zoomed wheelbase.

Despite the significant similarities marriage look of the model 80 B3, car design submissive and great changes. Although elements of the front suspension and layout of brake left over the same, but you the car was completely rebuilt. At the bottom a nice reaching for a rear belt, which definitely strengthen for you car, but most of all give about can possibility placement of the fuel tank under a floor luggage compartment. This in turn will For the use of composition desired and the rear seat backrest build the Avant.

Avant, because as usual, the Ingolstadt called version wagon body styles their models, has been presented one year after the entrance to the market model B4 in August 1992. In addition, next to the family model appear up a equally Convertible body style.

Along with the model B4 Audi disappeared from the offer Audi 90 b acorn months more an exclusive version standard eighties threads. Since that time, all models, even those highly featuring, legitimized piled up 80 emblem Zupe reverse situation does not laugh and the place on the market a North American ski. There dealerships disappeared small models of Audi 80 for not marketed in Europe 90 B4.

Production of Sedan was a pause at the end of 1994, while the Avant and Coupé models were produced until 1996. Nast Pc model 80 was the newly named Audi A4.

New car shipping Refreshing to customers across the Atlantic was characterized piled up very high standard of equipment down the basic; provided, inter alia, with electric windows, mirrors, air conditioning, cruise control and an electrically controlled, leather chairs. For such a retrofit for wife car in Europe must be on pay to very big money. The only unit the drive dow with what model 90 B4 to offered to 2.8E engine which optionally can be was on the do with bow illustration Quattro. The ocean is not offered while the Avant.

In 1994, Audi build of approximately 2,500 units of the Audi 80 Quattro Competition for the European market, in order to obtain approval for the cars taking off in races and DTM touring car to celebrate sustained success in this series. Cars by angry featuring a drive on both axes, the 2.0 16V and occur serious s made exclusively in the sedan body. Outside 80 Competition Quattro can be recognized the front bumper, headlights with complex such as in the model S2 Coupe, aluminum aileron mounted on the tailgate, 16-inch alufelgach a special formula, and also a distinctive rear bumper as on the S2. Auto offered only in three exterior colors: red laser, black pearl and silver at that Vulcan Kristall. Competition occur Serious background in two versions equipped pose: first embraced by radio Audi Gamma, electric sunroof and adjustable to the height of the driver’s seat c. The other was retrofitted background auto air conditioning and electrically controlled All windows and mirrors. Today find a model in good condition is not so simple for what next stronger brothers S2 and RS2 sedan plaque bears Competition is Akomy angle sec for collectors and their prices slowly start, and upwards.

The year 1993 brought the presentation version of Audi’s top 80 in bodies Sedan and Avant. Use of small components are small S2 Coupe model presented two years earlier Her. Under the hood cars bearing the proud symbol of zago cut a 5-cylinder unit with a capacity of 2.2 liters to c loaded with the turbocharged Arke company CCC (designation ABY). To This modified engine known from the Audi 200 (mounted also in S2 coupe early models). New turbine let the sun out higher you hypodermic provide With growth axis of the circles with respect to an older unit 3B. In addition, transmission of six PRZE With ups and serial mover Quattro makes, And Model S2 on track standing up a worthy competitor for even larger and more powerful super-sedans, ie E34 BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz 500E. Total produced 9488 units of which the S2 This 7370 coupe models of 1812 pieces is a version of the Avant, too only 306 copies sedan.

March auto show in Geneva in 1994 brought the with each other presentation unusual th edition of the Audi 80 even faster and more inaccessible pn S2 model. This is the first model in a series of RS, developed in co-operation with Porsche. Engine pose a rebuilt unit known for are abszego S2 model. With capacity of more than 2.2 liters of slightly thigh was spread achieve an 315hp and 410 Nm, which after a turned from standing on the drive dem on both axes Quattro and precise box ZF gearbox provides for speeding the speed you 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.4 seconds. Arrangement of brake from Porsche 968, the same 17-inch wheels also to a small sponsored by Porsche. Both look outside Clothes and intern clearly showing, and we are not dealing with a car purely civilian. Produced only 2,894 units of this vehicle, of which only 4 copies is a small body sedan.