• Audi 100/A6 (1991 to 1998)

Audi 100 car class you Szeja produced by Audi in 1968 1994.

The first generation of the Audi 100 was the first shown 26 November 1968 year. This car, designed by Louis Kraus, fixed up hit thanks to a high quality products used background material, good in the background properties into the side undercarriage and the spacious interior of. The first generation produced be a 4-door sedan and elegant two-door coupé. Offered by a small four-cylinder engines with capacity of more than 1.6 to 1.9 l Only sold over 800 000 units of the Audi 100 first generation.

The first Audi 100 C2 louse For the market in 1976. These cars featuring be s in wide gam petrol and diesel engines, ranging from four-cylinder 1.6 1.8 and Cubic Czywszy on the ball with a capacity ciocylindrowych altitude 1.9 2,1. These cars are manufactured by a small well as the Audi 200 and Audi 5000. Models Audi 200 and 5000 had a small wider fenders (plastic), divided lights, wheel 15 ‘, more powerful motor and a richer equipment up. Audi 5000 to be having for the market american. Much larger upgrades were carried out in 1979 (phase II) and 1981 (phase III). In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1977 Car busy 2 position (Per Rover 3500).

At the IAA in 1979 presented a prototype model of car in 2000 holding six ciocylindrowy engine with 180hp. It was planned in a name it Audi 300, but witha mind remains unchanged: Mercedes existing name. New Audi 100 will was spread in 1983, and to be having a much larger and more aerodynamic than its predecessor. Uros car dimensions 4.80 x 1.81 x 1.42 m, but wheelbase remaining the same. Model C3 Cechowa up large luggage Niki (570 l) and p ask windows front (Angle of inclination is 54 degrees). From the view of the characteristic silhouettes (With snake aj dancing up the body from the line Middle pistil both in the front of the vehicle as well to his you go fishing), this model was “Baptized” as “cigars”. Thanks to intelligent front of the car, achieved unparalleled in those years in production cars co-factor in air resistance Cx = 0.3. For the “cigar” offered czterocylindowe engines capacity of more 1.8-liter, 75 or 90 KM oraz most Ciocylindrowe: o pojemno Ci: 1.9 l (100 KM ga Nikowy), 2,0 l (113 KM/115 KM), 2.14 l (136/141/182 KM), 2, 23 l (115/138/165/190/200/220 KM), 2,3 l (136 KM). Roof Adowane jednostki rate silniki o pojemno Ciach 2.14 to 2.23 oraz it. Z jednostek Diesla dost Pne by Y: 2.0 (69 KM), 2.0 (82 KM) oraz turbodo Adowane 2.0 (87/100 KM) i o mocy 2.5 TDI 120 KM. Samochód wyst Powa you wersji z laps L’przednim and the drive dem a four wheel a The third generation Audi 100 be sold on the market as American as the Audi 5000. Conducted in 1988 facelift model.

In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1983 model hare 1 position.

The first Audi 100 C4 was produced in about 1990, the car was introduced for sale in 1991. Newsflash be on offer six ciocylindrowego, forking engine capacity of more 2.8 l

In 1995, the Audi 100 was renamed for Audi A6.

Chinese automobile company FAW doszed an agreement with the group Volkswagen and in 1988 started production Hongqi car based on the Audi 100 C3. In 2005 he was slightly modernized and called Hongqi Mingshi, and under his mask working four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 115HP.

A Chinese copy of the Audi 100 from the front.

A Chinese copy of the Audi 100 from the back u