• Ascari KZ1-R

Ascari KZ1-R – the supercar race car produced by Ascari Cars since 2005 Available as a 2-door coupe. Ascari KZ1 successor. Used to drive the V8 5.0 L (4941 cm ²) DOHC 32v/4 valves per cylinder (BMW S62), which generates maximum power of 520hp at 7250 rev/min. Maximum torque is 510 Nm at 3500 r/min. Power was transferred to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox. The maximum speed is 321km/h, Acceleration 0-100km/h 3.3 seconds, and the acceleration 0-160km/h 8.2 secondscar was replaced by the model Ascari A10.

Rear of the vehicle


Ascari KZ1-R race

The front of the car