• Ascari FGT

In 1995, Ascari FGT showed oo concept in several European auto shows, with a drawing by Lee Noble. Had a V8 fuel injected Chevrolet 6 liter positioned in the middle of the car, behind the driver.

While the concept car was launched, the Dutchman Klaas Zwart has decided to enter the FGT in racing with a V8 engine from Ford, and enter the British Championships in Gran Turismo. With a concept car to have the requirements for approval, Zwart managed to win an event at the Silverstone circuit in his debut the car in 1995. Car also attempt to qualify for the 24 Hours of Le Mans but was not fast enough to spend pre-qualifications. The car continued to keep pace with new entrants to the British Gran Turismo in 1996, before Zwart partnering with William Hewland, owner of Hewland engineering, for a partial season in 1997 with his best finishing fourth at Donington Park.

After the 1997 season, the Ascari began to mass produce the FGT, giving it the name of Ecosse.

The production version of the Ecosse had a BMW V8 engine instead of units of Chevrolet and Ford, although this was adjusted by Hartge. The 4.4-liter engine producing around 300hp, while the next largest engine and 4.7 liters producing around 400hp..

The spatial structure and chassis suspension Double A wore a body of lightweight fiberglass, weighing just 1250kg. The Ecosse, with the biggest engine of 4.7 liters was able to go from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.1 seconds while the maximum speed reached 322km/h. As is known to exeplares 17 were produced, however nine of these still remain today; while the other eight were destroyed.

The Ecosse would eventually be replaced by the Ascari KZ1 in 2003.

Diseno Art – Ascari Ecosse