• AC Ace

1971 cm3; 120 KM;

AC Ace – a sports car manufactured by AC Cars.

The first car of the same name appeared in 1956 and was produced until 1961. Had open, two-seater body with a long hood. Below it was a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters and 105hp. This car became the basis for the development of a model AC Cobra.

Another Ace appeared on the market in 1997. Company International Automotive Design developed the Ace in 1991. Prototype has a Cosworth engine, four-cylinder supercharged which production was replaced by a modified Ford V6 engine. Model after selling 48 copies were withdrawn. Label taken over by Pride Automotive Group, where he developed the current Ace of more benign lines of the body. Exterior finish were elements of aluminum and composites, attached to the chassis of stainless steel. The suspension uses double wishbones at the front and rear. The car is equipped with brake discs with a diameter of all four 17-inch wheels with light alloy rims. Under the hood was a V8 Mustang again, as in the Shelby AC Cobra, but this time with fuel injection and turbocharging.