• Ford ZX2

The ZX2 is a car produced by the Ford U.S. from 1998 to 2003, part of the special series produced on the basis of the overseas versions of the Ford Escort.

The ZX2 was replaced by versions ZX3, ZX4 and ZX5 Ford Focus. The two cars shared the same 2.0 Zetec engine, but there were some differences. At Focus lacked the valve VCT and had camshaft less aggressive that decreased the curve of distribution of the power of a hundred RPM. Because of the camshafts and cylinder head different, the couple got out of the Focus of 10.8 Nm Thanks to a better transmission (5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic) and low weight, the ZX2 continued to be better than the Focus. Was sold with 15 “wheels and alloy standard rear defroster, and since 2003, with a revised front. Production ceased in 2003.

The boom of modified cars in the late nineties, meant that the Ford incominciasse think of a modified version of the ZX2 to compete with the cars performance and more economical as the Honda Civic and the Dodge Neon ACR. The Ford created the ZX2 S/R. His debut was at SEMA Import Auto Salon in Pomona in 1999. The ZX2 S/R was the first product developed by Ford Racing and Ford Motor Company’s Small Vehicle Center Product Development.

The abbreviation S/R stands for “Street/Racer.” The production counted only 2,110 units sold in 1999, including 110 yellow. In 2000, 500 black, 500 red and 1,000 yellow with an increase in price of $ 1,500. Of these 2000 cars, it is estimated that only 35 have been sold in Canada, making this machine very rare to find.

The optional S/R added to the Eibach suspension parts (M-5560-Z2) and Tokico (M-18000-Z2), the more power through a Ford Racing PCM (M-12650-Z2), rear disc brakes (M- 2300-Z2), Centerforce dual friction (M-7560-Z2) more durable, a manual transmission with B & M short ratios (M-7210-Z2), sport seats, a blue cover for the valve, a speedometer indicating a higher speed (up to 240km/h) and tires/alloy wheels unique.

Compared to the normal power increased by 10% due to the remapping of the ECU, the ventilation system improved and discharges Borla (M-5230-Z2). All ZX2 S/R have a special sticker “S/R” on the back, silver color on the cars red, yellow, or red or black on the cars. Rumor has it that some ZX-2 are outputs from the factory without some improved components such as dual clutch Centerforce.