• Ford XL

The Ford XL was a car of the upper middle class, the Ford in Dearborn, first as a sporty special edition of the Galaxie 500 in the Model 1962 1969 produced. In model year 1970, the XL was an independent series.

In model year 1962 Ford unveiled a sporty special edition of the Galaxy 500. The Galaxie 500 XL had the best features of all the major Ford models and additional single seats forward. It gave him as a 2-door sedan or 2-door convertible. The vehicle was equipped with a wide grille with horizontal chrome bars were inserted into the twin headlights. Striking were, as with all Ford this time, the large, round taillights. The car had a V8-Motor mit 4,785 cm Ó Hubraum, der 170 BHP (125 kW) bei 4,200 mining 1 n. abgab.

1963 had the major Ford models a slightly concave grille with chromed mesh in the middle of a large emblazoned emblem. From the Galaxie 500 XL, there were four versions: the already known from the previous year came a 4-door sedan and 2-door hatchback coupe it. The new Challenger V8 engine had 4736cc and 195hp made (143 kW) at 4,400 rpm 1

1964 there was little change in the styling, the rear was something Revision. Technically there were three engine options 4736cc and made 195hp (143 kW), 5768cm Ó capacity and developed 250hp (184 kW) and 6398cm Ó capacity and made 300/330hp (220/240 kW).

In 1965, the major Ford models have been completely redesigned. Instead of the adjacent double headlights were now superimposed, which limited the wide radiator grille on both sides. The Galaxie 500 XL, there was only a 2-door hardtop coupe or 2-door convertible. The engine output was 200hp (147 kW) at 4,400 min 1 increased. As an option, there was also the 427er engine with 6997cc and 616hp as a two-valve (453 kW) at 7000 RPM 1 or als Vierventiler 657 BHP (483 kW) bei 7,500 mining 1.

In 1966, the grille as a wide horizontal chrome bar in the middle. Instead of the hardtop coupe, the fastback coupe was offered again.

1967 got the grille as a second chrome rod inserted and the upper headlight received small barges.

1968 a larger facelift was provided again. The front of the vehicle was a slight V-shape, so that the center line and the corners of the vehicle was pulled slightly in the forward direction indicators. The dual headlights were side by side again. In addition, there was a slight Pelvic thrust over the rear wheel arches the famous Coke-bottle design. The old Challenger engine had retired and was replaced by a new V8 engine with 4,948cc displacement, 210hp of the (154 kW) at 4,000 rpm 1 made. The 427er engine was no longer available from this year.

1969, the last year of Galaxie 500 XL, the grille was again surrounded by a massive straight and chrome frame. In addition to the well-known V8, whose power to 220hp (162 kW) at 4,600 min 1 was increased, there was only this year also a six-cylinder engine with 4096cc and 155hp (114 kW) at 4,000 min power 1

In these eight years 435 934 500 XL Galaxie emerged.

In model year 1970, the XL became an independent series. Again, were styling changes to: The radiator grille was now entirely black in color and had a far-protruding center section and again pronounced corners of the vehicle. In contrast, the remaining portions of the grille were reset with the twin headlights. The V8 engine of the last Galaxie 500 XL was delivered as such the six-cylinder engine was omitted.

The following year, the sports version of Galaxie 500 accounted for replacement. 1970 33.599 Ford XL were prepared.

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