• Ford Windstar

Ford Windstar van-type car produced in 1995-2003.

And Ford Windstar van produced by the company Ford Motor Company since 1995. Car is smaller than its predecessor – the Ford Aerostar, power to be having engine 3.8-liter 155HP. In 1996, a new three-liter engine power of 150HP (for the European market). In 1998, the car passed facelift.

Ford Windstar II debuted in 1998, as the next successor of the previous generation model. The car was re-equipment located in the engine 3.0 V6 with 150HP and 155HP 3.8. In 2001 passed light facelift. Production Car finish was taken up in 2003, and the next pc fixed up Ford Freestar. Versions featuring a second after: