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Ford Crown Victoria american car, u used in the United States, mostly by police and taxi drivers. Produced since 1978, with minor modifications until 2011. The car is built on a solid framework. Powerful motor in uk board was placed V8 front and drive spends the rear wheel via 4-Gears box automatic. As the police car checked out perfectly with the view of the overall takes for structure, good suspension, low Pricing and universality.

Ford Crown Victoria is manufactured in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada on a plate for resting Ford a “panther” 1979 Prices hesitate up 25 $ 000 for the base model to 32 000 dollars for the best model called the “LX Sport”. Since 2008 model Crown Victoria also available is made exclusively in the sale of fleet.

The first “Crown Victoria” shows up a in 1955 and be a 2-door, six-seat coupe. Be the one Ford Fairlane varieties.

By car produced the names Ford LTD Crown Victoria.

In 1992, Ford resigned LTD model in which the base Victoria and Crown. Ford completely stylization Crown Victori, Do j more round, which make them like for her the smaller Taurus. Added as small soup-New 4.6-liter V8 Modular. In 1995, the modernization of looking forward s up rear lights, front grille and fascia, and place the registration number from the back moved from the bumper to the flaps luggage compartment. Restylizacja this model be a better reception Than this radical Chevrolet Caprice competitive lifting, which caused a cessation of its production, and hence domination Ford’s segment.

Since 1996, the standard have come to airbags for the driver and a passenger, single-key opening system and also a retractable antenna, rear window defroster and tinted glass. Package Handling and Performance Package with better tires, ABS and traction control to a small available as an option. In addition, the yeast Szeja LX version avaliable be the air conditioning and radio JBL. In the version for 1997 only improved arrangement of steering.

In 1998, he completely changed Styling model, and also a modernized suspension and pay it. Auto much better sticking with a expensive than predecessor but reflections of a it permissible mass towing a trailer, which declined a Of pushing up while the wheelbase. In 1998, he was introduced as Standard 16-inch wheels mostly due to the much larger than brakes so far.

The year 1999 brought the little change in this model, when the Crown Victoria received a three new colors and standard ABS. Next Pnych changes Crown Victoria looking forward and up until 2001, when it received a adjustable pedals y In 2002, he added heated mirrors. After 2003, the modernized suspension (springs single instead of double, smiling still used for years sixties’s) So small version of police (better handling compared to the civilian version and Easier Served Technical Service). In 2004, the modernization of the subject was a automatic transmission for the first time in this model have come to laminated glass. Year 2005 is not different than up Besides, small abandoned antenna built into the rear window heater for traditional. Change t receding it in 2006. In 2007, Ford introduced radio with CD player and system, entry keyless entry as standard on all models.

In 2008, Ford will spend model Crown Victoria only for sale fleet, give up parts retail, g mainly to promote freshly introduced Taurus. Announced be a modernization of the car for the 2009 year, but this model has been presented without the larger changes.

Ford Motor Company finally cease after 32 years of production of the Crown Victoria. Last copy arrived with tape September 15, 2011 with the number 2FABP7CW8CX104292 body, this car will go to customers in Saudi Arabia.

NYPD Crown Victoria Police Interceptor – Nowojorski radiow󺮼/p>

Traditional New York taxi – Ford Crown Victoria Taxi with elongated wheelbase salty.

Ford Crown Victoria walls Dzy latami 1995-1997

Ford LTD Crown Victoria you latach 1988-1991

Ford LTD Crown Victoria kombi you latach 1988-1991