• Ford Verona

The Ford Orion was a car model of the car manufacturer Ford It was September 1983 to December 1993 the four-door Stufenheckpendant for Ford Escort dar. at the time addition was integration of the market assessment that the range of models in the Ford Escort and a notchback variant would be associated with which families or traditional clientele of Ford served.

The attribution as Orion should also refer to an independent model.

The first generation of the Orion was built from September 1983 to July 1990 and corresponded to the B-pillar, the five-door escort. However, the Orion lacked the third side window, he had a different grille and the rear was also a few inches longer. Because the Orion was originally to be higher than the Escort positioned, it was only 1.3 – and 1.6-liter engines and only available in the configurations L, GL and as a sports version with fuel injection engine (Injection) with 77 Available kW (105hp).

Together with the escort 81 Orion was the beginning of 1986 a facelift. You could see the Orion at another geometric shape of the radiator.

Coinciding with the launch of the Escort ’91 the successor (Orion 91) was introduced in July 1990. Also this time lacked the Orion the third side window, but the rear design of the Escort was now completely aligned. Original identification should be the front, white indicator lenses, but in the same year also received the Escort.

Unusually for a notchback sedan that Orion was now available with rear wiper. In Brazil, this model was sold as the Ford Verona, as well as VW Apollo.

With the facelift made in the autumn of 1992 the Orion got another independent grille (mean chrome strut). The new rear design of simultaneously revised Escort ’93 was not included in the Orion.

Despite the rather low sales in Germany is to be noted that the Orion in other European countries, especially in Britain, has been quite successfully sold.

The Orion with the diesel engine was marked by an enormous economy and toughness, it was not uncommon that vehicles have reached the 450,000-kilometer border with a motor.

The Orion was built to December 1993, from early 1994 to mid-1998, the vehicle was sold as Escort saloon. The tail was identical with that of the Orion, but the rest of the vehicle equal to the escort 95 Only in Argentina, he has also been sold under the model name Orion.

As a successor can be introduced in early 1999 notchback variant of the Ford Focus look.