• Ford Torino

Ford Torino car autosegmentu D/E manufactured by the company Ford Motor Company in 1968 1976 offered the market a North State. Wed Services standards obligatory EXTENT Smokers in the United States during his production belongs to the segment of Intermediate (class average), today is counted rather Large Car class (the class you Lower). Originally model was I say kszon version Average-sized Ford Fairlane, produced in 1962, 1970. During this time, Torino thought to be the model derived from the Fairlane. Along with the 1970 Torino name has become an a main mark Car middle class of Ford Fairlane fixed up derivative Torino. In 1971, discontinued in swimming Fairlane name and all Medium size cars Ford will receive a small names Torino. The model name “Torino” are in Osku Turin, a city that believes is considered as the walnuts Detroit. This name will be and also that one of several proposed for the Ford Mustang during the first phases of development.

The Holy greater part of the Torino models to a small conventional cars, the largest back popular has won versions of the 4-door sedan and four-door hardtop. Ford produced such a small number of special versions of Torino with high axle circles through the installation large engines generating smokers big powers, such as the example of a 428 CID or 429 CID “Cobra-Jet”. These versions are classified Segment muscle cars. Ford Torino Base model so small their cars participating trades in race NASCAR THEIR It this field considerable success.

In 1968 introduce his now families models of a middle class. It builds up a It the Ford Fairlane. The style vintage 1968 Fairlane/Torino be a dramatically different than This model of 1967. New equally be on the interior of the vehicle.

For Ford 1968 to successful, formed about 172 083 units. After adding the number of models produced Fairlane production level is 371 787 cars.

1969 is a family Fairlane/Torino few cosmetic changes, improved well axis strings cars.

The production level dropped compared with the previous year, formed about 129 054 pieces of Torino, adding produced Fairlane Total number of newly born small cars is 366 911 units, it is slightly worse result than the previous year.

In 1970, using a completely new chassis for a family of models Torino/Fairlane. By car Now d with taller and wider than in previous years. Lowered it lined up roof, which give a body of dynamic look. Grill he holds Holy back part fascia surrounds rectangular headlight lenses.

By the year 1970 very successful for Ford. The car was very well accepted over by the press automotive receive title Car of the Year 1970 Motor Trend magazine. It was created about 230 411 pieces of Torino, 110 029 and 67 053 Fairlane’ó· †alcons, giving a total of numbers 407 493 was formed small cars.

Year 1971 a few minor changes in the family Torino. Look of the body other virtually unchanged compared to the previous year, else would only the front grill.

Number of cars produced in 1971, towering 463 and 326A to This result slightly worse than in 1970. was last built of only 1,613 pieces Torino GT Convertible version and the 3054 Torino Cobra.

In 1972 Torino live to see up complete metamorphosis. All versions will receive a small soup-New look d Added some new motor options. This registration was used in Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino in 2008.

Born in 1973 in a little different than up from the former. The most visible change to hurt Y the front part of the vehicle, changed her to meet her new regulations concerning the safety of pedestrians. Through the use of larger and more massive bumpers long vehicle rose ao approximately 2.5 cm brunt while almost 50kg.

In 1973 sold 496.581 units Torino. The car sold up much better from the main competitor, the Chevrolet Chevelle, by over 168 000 units.

In 1974 he introduced several significant Smokers change. The new requirements concerning the safety of pedestrians cause small changes in the design of the rear bumper, fixed up larger one, massive and receive more angular shapes. Changed the look of the rear belt lights. Updated equally front end of the vehicle, slightly say kszono grill. Ford will introduce a few more options and improvements for this vintage. This registration was used in the film Starsky & Hutch in 2004.

The year 1974 was a successful for Ford Torino model would still be popular. Produced 426 086 units of the vehicle, counting a cw is 96 604 Gran Torino Elite.

In 1975, introduced a few minor changes. Version Gran Torino Elite ceases to be small to the family of models Torino. Elite becomes a separate model, sold under the names Ford Elite. Inside the vehicle was amended, inter alia, appearance wheel steering. Body remaining almost unchanged compared to the of an earlier vintage.

Year ’76 will not see up has significant shifts in. Discontinued series Gran Torino Sport, for families Torino models composable with up 9 RAL Different versions; 2 and 4-door Torino, Gran Torino, Gran Torino Brougham and three versions of the station wagon. Used the same engine as the previous year, reduced the up However, the unit fuel consumption.

* Dost Available with the option Ram Air

* Dost Available with the option Ram Air

* NOTE: Dost Available with the option Ram Air

Since 1972, the axis of strings engines measured in accordance with the provisions of the new SAE standard.

* Only two-door versions, also available with the option Ram Air