• Ford Territory

Ford Territory car crossover built by Ford Australia car platform Ford BA Falcon.

In 2000, Ford presented This concept car at many car shows as a model of Ford R7. Ford Territory has been produced in April 2004 and including those the win prize “2004 Wheels Car of the Year”. Receive so small:

Original model by SX produced in 2004-2005. It has a 6-cylinder 4.0 L DOHC I6 Barra power of 182 kW (245hp). Transmission is automatic and 4-speed. SY newer model came out in October 2005. Boxes Transmission was changed to 6-Gears ZF. Power relationship Kszono to 190 kW (255hp). In 2006 came out Turbo model with a capacity of 245 kW.

Each model might have way mover or on only the rear wheels or 4 wheels (AWD model). Cheapest pulp option is TX. Better models are the TS and Ghia.