• Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus (lat.. Bull) is przednionap Journal of E-class car produced by Ford Motor Company in North America and sold mainly on local markets. His presentation was made in December 1985 as a 1986 model. Replace sleeping tylnonap tional, are based lying on Fairmoncie Ford LTD.

This model would milestone in the American style cars. For the first time in the history of the manufacturer of American manufactured by a small world-class European-inspired cars. Many, made exclusively with Ford, believes background, small Taurus it become mistakenly, because to too modern for customers of the 80 model but solid up bestseller. Ford sales nearly 7.5 million cars a Taurus in during 20 years of production. In between 1992 and 1996, the Taurus to best Sell ??embracing up car in the U.S., the first place interval fist in 1997 to the Toyota Camry.

Taurus passed facelift in 1992, and in 1996 made have been serious design changes, then a two yet made stylistic changes in 2000 and 2004. Version SHO (Super High-Output) be and produced from 1989 to 1999 was used in the more powerful engine and other modifications.

Taurus has his luxurious version Mercury Sable. Until 2002 these were produced even more exclusive Lincoln Continental, which in 2008 replace with MKS.

Production fourth generation finish czono 27 october 2006. Taurus replace vertical three models: white intricate dimensions of fusion, the Greater Five Hundred and crossover freestyle (replace with a version combo). Most of the Taurusó· ·as and manufactured in Chicago, Illinois (until 2003, when the factories Modified to produce background Five Hundred), and in 2003 moved production to Atlanta, Georgia.

February 7th, 2007 Ford unexpectedly notify, Small next Successor very popular a large Five Hundred and crossover freestyle get names respectively Taurus and Taurus X.

The first generation Ford Taurus be a very important in the market for Ford and the American. It uses the modern European design, used already in such cars as the Ford Sierra, the Audi 100 and Citroì® CX.

In 1986, Ford was not in the best position in the car market of a middle class. Its LTD was not able well to compete of Chevrolets Citation and Celebrity (segment leader) and whole white garland Chrysler models based on plate under resting “K”. The revolutionary new Taurus will introduce a breath of fresh a love for then-car market. Ford designers noticed, small, some elements of Chevrolet products can Would was established in the 60s, while Taurus has all the best with European design. Taurus, along with Thunderbird ’83 finish the s er “Square” cars in North America.

Aerodynamic design would not Only Means of style. Cars with low co-factor of air resistance Cx burn less consumption both during high-speed driving on the highway and slow in the city.

Point of interest is small Taurus series offered two seats in the front (driver and a passenger) of what was very rare at that time in the United States (more frequently used 3-seater sofa).

The premiere of the new Ford be a great event. Presented it in the studio MGM, where a nut cono pass Oz wind. This room be decorated in a “cosmic” style, and the Taurus and Sable standing behind a curtain. Raising the curtain was held was spread with great pumps; These models raise a small sports sensation.

In 1986, access, pnymi engines to a small 90-hp, 2.5-liter HSC R4 (versions MT-5 and L), and a new, 140-hp, 3.0-liter Vulcan V6 (also available optionally L, standard Gl and LX). MT-5 equipped with artificial snow to be having a 5-Gears box Manual versions of HSC in old 3-speed automatic ATX, and those of Vulcan modern, 4-speed automatic AXOD.

Base models to small MT-5 and L, both the 10.050 USD. GL to be having to retrofit arranged in several “luxury” reptile rhinestones, normally offered in the 3.0-liter Vulcan. Most expensive Lowest LX have For these air conditioning, electric windows and seats, cassette player and cruise control. Largest cost more For LX station wagon 14.300 USD.

In 1988 the palette added 3.8-liter Essex V6. Although it produces 140hp, such as less Vulcan, produce 291 Nm of torque, of what was useful with snake especially for example in them going to the mountains for Loaded in wagons.

In the same year he resigned from the version of MT-5; manual transmission returns and a year later in the SHO.

In 1990, stylization interior, Taurus receive now steering wheel with pillow Air, another stick shift, and also a more extended util desk Resolution. 2.5-liter HSC receives injection, which lifted up by the power of 15hp and a torque of 14 Nm. All versions except the SHO outfitted sent in a 4-speed automatic AXOD, in 1991, modernizing Niono it was formed AXOD-E. LX have ABS as standard.

By less than a small six years of production of the first generation Taurus was sold about 2 million units of this model.

Ford wanted in the late ’80s put for the light, double sports car that he can to compete eg Toyotas MR2 or Pontiac Fiero. Ford make For collaborating with Yamah, to construct engines for the new model. Unfortunately, the market for such cars up decreases, and motors to small already produced. In order not to lose dispute money used them in the new Taurus SHO.

SHO has not turned out up such a success, for what counts Ford. Outside a little is different from ‘plain’ Taurus, in contrast to the interior mia such as bucket seats and a tachometer graduated to 8000 RPM. After resigning from the version of the MT-5 SHO to only Taurus with manual box gear.

In the years 1986 1991 palette can hunters to purchase a version look like the following with which:

Taurus passed first serious n changes in 1992 (in 1989, will receive barely notable lift the front of the body), changed its interior and body. This operation cost With the Ford 650 million dollars that time. The new version will restore the background great popular Taurus, in 1992, it sold 410,000 units. Retrofitted complexity him these luxury (for those times) gadgets like automatic air conditioning, electric sunroof, leather trim on the seats or other dashboard adapted specifically for the version with two separate front seats (avaliable be and these 3-seater sofa). Combo you can be on these retrofitted angry in the third row of seats, allows happily months rides eight people. During the “reign” of this generation Taurus that what the best-selling embracing up car in the United States.

After 1991 the range was withdrawn 2.5-liter R4, since 1992, the basic engine in most of the versions you to be having a 3.0-liter V6. Out of threads to a small station wagon version of the SHO and LX. In 1993, stopped selling the basic model of L, as well as offering little of popular optional equipment items, such as heated windscreen. In 1994 introduced a pillow Air a passenger and modernized sidecar pillow the driver and the steering wheel. Equally in 1994, started this by default outfitted with All Taurusy 15-inch circles, early in the 14-inch version sold in the GL.

Version wagon (estate) be and usually equipped with padded in the same elements as the sedan. From the intricate, split in the ratio of 60/40 rear seat, combo city you was on the roof of approximately 2000 liters of luggage u In the standard the background-up seat the roof can be to be having a loaded 1280 liters of packages.

The second generation Taurus has been in sales for the 1995 model year for this added sportswear version SE (like twin Mercury Sable receives mildew LTS). From other small models is different up a this, that was supposed and alloy wheels (prevent borrowed from LX), separate seats with leather inserts, unique headlamps (also with LX) and a rear spoiler (with SHO).

The Taurus range to these Police version. Radiow??z to “A plain” Taurus GL with the Essex engine V6 3.8 L (15hp more powerful than the traditional Essex). Additional equipment submitting her to a small example, larger one fuel tank, ABS, another grill or speed speedometer calibrated to 140mph (about 220km/h).

From 1992 to 1995, sold about 1.5 million copies of this generation Taurus.

The second SHO had the same mover as the first generation 3.0-liter V6 Yamaha design and 5-Gears box manual. This time, the SHO more different than up from originals in her the first generation receive other bumpers and spoilers. Among others headlights and hood comes with a laptop Mercury Sable’a.

No automatic transmission gears had significant months effect on sales SHO, which Ford is noted in 1993, a 3.2-liter V6 SHO to equipped with wife already in the machine; still mia 220hp as 3.0 L SHO V6 but these 20 Nm larger one than torque said motor.

In 1993, Ford completely modernized interior SHO, add equally new rear spoiler that is integrated with light alloy.

One SHO wagon was built by Ford for a pro b Car and Driver magazine. This model would on the cover CaD in April 1993, where to layed Lona include “The fastest and best combo ever built by Ford.”

The car has weighed 1649kg, 0 to 60mph (around 100km/h) accelerates at 7.2 secondsand from 70mph (around 115km/h) to 0 inhibit in 52.4 m (of what was a good result for those times). Eat if Ford decided teeth out on its production, cost teeth about 30 000 USD.

Although it never SHO wagon to mass-produced, there have been several such amateur modifications.

In the years 1992 1995 palette can hunters to purchase a version look like the following with which:

For model year 1996 Ford very thoroughly modernized Taurus. Mia hoping, small such stylistic revolution contribute to the same success as in 1986. Unfortunately, controversial style full of ovals was not well accepted over by the market, which immediately poskutkowa with a decline in sales and lose titles in the best-selling appearing a passenger car to the Toyota Camry in 1997.

Another factor causing embracing are ab sell be a too high price. ’96 Taurus that about $ 2,500 more expensive taller of the ’95 model. The purpose of Ford to be having these the introduction of Taurus on the level of luxury cars, which poskutkowa for large amount you standard and optional equipment down. An example could be powerful, 200-hp, 3.0-liter DOHC Duratec 30, available as an option. As this generation be the lower of her the previous two, as well as in other Ford models at that time; Taurus does not get too good judgment in the ranking of reliability of Consumer Reports magazine. In the background Do not low quality call the a dispute in between Ford and Jerry Schreiber, older men, who almost died in his ’98 Taurus, when the element of air conditioning flew through the vents (when its action) hurts c it. Process are dowy continues today.

This time has availability to small three versions featuring a second after: the base G, the average GL and luxurious LX. The third generation Taurus American branch Ford returns on the left-hand drive markets, which offered an exclusive Taurus Ghia. New SHO outfitted sent in a modern engine 3.8 l V8 SHO. Since 1997, you can be on these get model of the drive dem on gasoline and ethanol, which does not improve situation Taurus on the new car market.

In order to improve the sale of your a middle-Ford zrestylizowa him in 1998 Changes embrace s front bumper Now mia one oval air intake grill transferred to the resort Ford logo, as well as small reflectors get a small transparent glass and other shape interior, which led background, also be a s not just nicer, but these effective. Color rear kierunkowskaz??w changed from orange to red, to better up compose with a laptop others grouped with them lights. Abandoned this two senior versions supplied down (G and GL), instead of them introduced the SE, which be a slightly sportiest (embraced and although teeth harder suspension).

In 1998, the 200-hp Duratec 30 to also available optionally in both versions featuring a eniowych, but already In 1999 czono it only SE. In the same year the standard SE model Czono two separate seats in the front, optionally available Bc they were in LX.

For model year 1999 Ford remove some elements of the equipment down and lightly from Fresh Taurus, mostly to load cut costs. Caused to be having it falling off sale this model and focus up Ford’s market SUVs and pick-ups that popular a rising background at the time.

In spite of the bad ratings and k troubles with quality yellow Ford to succeed was spread sell 1.4 million copies of this generation Taurus.

For SHO allocated 295-hp, 3.4-liter V8 SHO, but abandoned the 5-speed gear Unit manual. V8 lifted up by the masses your own model, and the lack of such transmission gears mean worse than speeding in previous generations, even though the Holy greater speed you maximum (232km/h), or better handling and braking.

And in this case have come to having trouble with quality yellow and fitting components. The engine is very often laugh failure of the course of about 80 000km, and the warranty be a important to only 58 000km. Third SHO to less popular than the previous one, in 1997, was sold 9000 units. The result to be having to dispense with this variety with the introduction of the fourth generation “bull”.

In 1996 1999 palette can hunters to purchase a version look like the following with which:

The next generation of the Taurus `t see the background light of day in 2000, decreased in the amount of “Oval” elements entering a few sharp lines. Led you across the roof to of pushing amount place on head rear passengers. Another advantage to raise the roof Was greater space luggage words (in a combo) that I will make the Taurus more functional car, of what was important ne for shoppers. The interior also deprived controversial shapes for example, the oval part of the dashboard, in which grouped be and most of the buttons. For a more comfortable ride crumpled kczono suspension. Abandoned with various costly add-ons (although teeth disc brakes) to reduce small Pricing and of pushing profitability selling y These abandoned sportswear version SHO.

In order to keep high demand for the Taurus, Ford offered 2002 barren complimentary options for individual versions: CD player and an electrically adjustable driver’s seat in SE, electric sunroof or leather padding (your choice) in the SES, and both of these elements and electrically adjustable pedals y SEL. ASR and side airbags offered as each of them.

In 2003, Ford cares 100 years of its existence, so I put on the market Taurus Centennial Version. This version includes a number of additional elements and standard, as the finish of me Present wood, special upholstery, unique wheels, headlights with black accents, or leather jacket and watch with the inscription: Ford: 100 years (“Ford: 100 years”). Production limited to 3000 pieces.

In 2004 Taurus passed face-lift changed the front and rear waist body. The most visible change is removing the chrome strip on the middle of the grill and air separation wlot??w on the bumper (three instead of one).

In 2005, the abandoned version of the LX and SES, and a year later the wagon body and 3.0-liter DOHC Duratec 30 V6. Then these finish that up a sell Taurus private customers in the United States, the car also available to already only fleet customers. She still offered to him in Canada.

In 2000-2006, the palette can hunters to purchase a version look like the following with which:

Sprzeda Taurusa z roku na Roque spada’s (Ode 382 35 2000 sztuk you, you przez 353 560 2001, 332 690 2002 to 300, 496 to 2003, against the groups O 150 000 to 2006), age C miejsce na rynku afterlife japo skich i Korea skich rednich samochodó· ¨g ó·®©e Toyocie Camry, Accord i Hondzie Nissanowi Altimie). Wersj kombi wycofano z produkcji you styczniu 2005, skin kró´«©ej serii sedanó· ®a Roque modelowy 2006 zako czono sprzeda tych Aut klientom prywatnym you USA, ci oferowano dress go in Canada. Fleet customers can still buy it to October 2006 (in North America be a model year 2007). Production finish czono 27 october 2006, when the Ford close factories in Atlanta as part of a restructuring plan, The Way Forward (“Way Forward”). Potentially, Taurus purchased the last copy S. Truett Cathy, in The Owner fast-food chains Chick-fil-A.

Taurus was not replace risers one new model on a modified plate for resting, as it often happens with many manufacturers, but three: approaching intricate dimensions of fusion, the Greater Five Hundred and crossover freestyle (hare on site the station wagon).

The cessation of production of this model was a very controversial move Moths. Many people believe For, small Ford simply “stand” Taurus on the back burner, focus (And your money) for ascending the SUV market. Some said these, Small if Ford wanted keep his best-seller in the market, done by this.

In the USA Today article of 25 October 2006 highlighted, small producers japanese scy behave the names of their best-sellers, while still perfecting them (eg Toyota Corolla in production since the 60s), and the “Big Three” Detroit automakers (General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler) launches brand new models and names along with the arrival of moths other trends (eg production of the Chevrolet Impala in 1958 1985, from 1994 to 1996 and 2000 ‘).

One of the following Pcó· ”aurus, Five Hundred, turned out up costly mistakenly. By some to criticized for are to the engine and md styles. Already after less than a small 3 years, Ford decides conduct thorough restyling of the model, by the way renames c it on the Taurus. The Director General Ford (Alan Mullaly) told, small naming all the new models on the “F” not be a good move leaves, and in addition get misguided name S some cars replacing a very popular and trades well associate trades up vehicles (eg Windstar replace with Freestar and Taurus Five Hundred both venture into cutting has turned s up fiasco).

Changes in relation to the Five Hundred covering new front fascia with chrome grill (known he wanted to be with Fusion), a more powerful 260-hp, 3.5-liter Cyclone and “plain”, 6-Gears box automatic 6F (instead of snack CVT unit, limiting more power poprzendiego engine). Similar changes are Freestyle moves, which you will see already under the name Taurus X.

Closer mildew Taurus, Mercury Sable, equally appears on the market after several years of absence Index (replace with him Montego in 2005).

Organization NHTSA after a series of crash tests admit a Taurus five Stars (-highest notes) for protection passengers during a crash-frontal, like (also the highest possible mischievous result) for side impact. It was called the “safest big sedan on the market the American.”

Prices ball coming generation Taurus up ranging from $ 23,245 (for przednionap dowy SEL) to $ 28,695 (for Limited mover demos on four wheels).

At the end of May 2007 introduced the fifth generation for sale in the United States. The end of month of sentence There selling it 125 pieces of the new Taurus. In the first full month of sales June sold another 5,836 units, aws for me around the market in July 3907. only sold 9868 cars. Luxurious twin-detached five generation Taurus, Mercury Sable, leaving o with salons in June 1520 in the number of copies, in July for 1776 ( Including 3296).

Immediately after the news about the return on the market Taurus SHO fans began to leaf insists, To introduce the Ford again sportswear version to the range of the model. Engines that belt Would to his breasted include 4.4-liter Yamaha V8 (the Volvo S80) and version TwinForce 3.5-liter Cyclone V6.

Since May 2007, the pallet can hunters to purchase version looks like following with which:

Auto was by presented at the Motor Show in Detroit in 2009 as a response to Ford’s on-going Months the economic crisis. Wed Ug intentions mia It stands out up its original look of the midst of other American sedans middle class. Equipment wife was in many reptile rhinestones enhancers smokers comfort as example of a navigation system from Sony with built-in 10-gigabyte hard drive and also e-MyKey system allows months blockage maximum speed i and shift system security active in the most restrictive mode. After a long break owr󣩠background also sports version of the SHO outfitted in turbo loaded engine. Differs from other versions and sporty details blades for shifters.

Palette can hunters version is looks as follows:

Third-generation Taurus was a and exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan and New Zealand, but did not gain And there’s too much for popularity. Timid headlights with Sable’a, and specially designed bumper with turn signals and lights of daytime driving. Interior equally changed, and in addition to the obvious changes for example, the transfer of the steering wheel on the right pages brake hand MANUAL Set between the seats (in North America instead of d brake handle was a pansy).

Australians and New Zealanders did not like Taurus, larger one Ford Fairmont with more powerful engine and rear drive Dem cost less more the same. Although it ew such as Japan has availability to small, both versions of the car (sedan and wagon), in Australia you can be about to buy only sedan, like in Hong Kong.

In Brazil, in 1994, was introduced for sale in the second generation This car also only 4-door body. To treated as a luxurious alternative to the European Ford Mondeo. In 1997 1998 offered them there third generation car, but did not win the background it for popularity, mostly by controversial Styling. Today This car enjoys there took dial on the market of cars in used since in addition to the low price offers these equipped with a high level of occupancy.