• Ford S-Max

Ford S-MAX car with a body type van produced by the company Ford Motor Company since 2006. Auto designed was based on the fourth generation of the Ford Mondeo.

Auto was named by the designers of the Ford S-MAX because This is a sports van making it difficult to qualify it to a particular segment of vehicles. The car has been designed in accordance with the philosophy Kinetic Design. The interior is closer niaczo similar to the interior, which can meet the fourth generation Mondeo (a main rose nothing are air intakes, which the S-Maxi are 3 and Mondeo 2), d gearshift lever.

Autumn 2008 to the sale will go 175-hp diesel engine 2.2 Duratorq TDCi ny. Motor was established when working together Ford PSA, also available is only and exclusively made in the version equipped pose TitaniumS you want to communicate as in the Mondeo, distinctive 18-inch alloy wheels, revised bumpers (front of the Greater air intake, a rear diffuser and dual exhaust). Inside dosi change Pulled a mostly obi seats that are partially finished with leather pierced red thread.

In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 2007 model hare 1 position.

In January 2010, presented version The facelift, which resulted background as amended, todays important you jam with diode lamps and przemodelowanym front bumper, which now has LED lights for daytime driving. Ford will add equally chrome exterior window moldings and large chromed strips on the lid luggage nika, which car looks more prestigious word. Additionally, in the middle of Ford endeavor up a better material you trim decorating. The panoramic roof is no longer split, and backlight headliner is made in LED technology. In the version for the 2011 model year change submissive about the finish of the tunnel Middle, abandoned the silver finish on the black, black knobs background of air presenting up much better than silver.

In addition to the facelift Chickadee has opened:

Diesels (all with a filter of particles of solid DPF exhaust emission standards Euro V):