• Ford Scorpio

Ford Scorpio – car middle class-you Szeja produced under the mark Ford from 1985 to 1998. The first generation model offered by a market in the UK as the third incarnation of the Ford Granada. In 1992, he conducted the first-generation facelift. Mover moved to on about rear, the first generation occur seriously and also in the AWD version. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1986 model hare 1 position.

Ford Scorpio will up on the market in 1985, as the next successor model of Granada. In the UK Ford sold This model is still the star names, and “Scorpio” mean for-highest version equipment poses a Ford Granada Scorpio. The car initially to offered with a liftback body type, blue sky d embracing highly developed concepts presented moths a few years early in her studio and model prototypes Sierra. In 1990, he introduced a classic version sedan, and two years later a station wagon body. In 1992 Scorpio past a facelift (Revised dummies, Lights front and rear, mask, desk Resolution ‘). In 1994 you up latest model of Ford Scorpio, often criticized for his controversial appearance d Unprecedented in the 90s when styling combined from og??lnym crisis sales segment E caused a a string of small decrease sales and close-up of production in 1998 Ford withdraws up European segment E.

In 1988-89 produced a modified version for the North American ski under the mark Merkur

In 1986, the vehicle will gain title of Car of the Year.

In front of a McPherson strut swing arm with a single section. However, from the back of a suspension based on triangle-angle longitudinal wishbones, spring Ynach Screw terminals, telescopic shock absorbers and twist bolts stabilizer heel s. The level of security increases so small arrangement of ABS, who would fitted as standard. At the start of production in 1985, Ford Scorpio to be having the first car having embracing it is a device equipped with a serial-up, designating c the same new standard equipment poses for cars in this class.

The Ford Scorpio was used classical arrangement of the drive dowy, ie the engine on the front of the drive spends the rear wheel a Also available were so small sportiest versions of the drive dem on both axles, late in the period out of production because of to excessive Maintained with little demand. Originally mounted four-cylinder petrol engines with a capacity of 1.8 liters and you 90hp and the media storage 2 liters (carburetor to 107 HP and EFI (injection) to 115hp), and also a six ciocylindrow forked unit about a capacity of 2.8 liters you (150hp). The sweetest Weaker 1.8 liter engine been retired in 1987 because of too low power off to a large mass of its own. In 1986, he introduced a new V6 unit with a capacity of altitude 2.4 (125-130hp) and 2.9 (145-150hp) liter, which replace with engine 2.8 l s strongest unit mounts Scorpio to 1994 to modified by the companies Cosworth engine 2.9 V6 24 valve version (BOA 195km) and after 1,994 years of bow illustration with variable intake geometry (BOB 207HP). The offer have come to so small three diesel engines equivalents with a capacity of 2.5 liters you, aspirated trades and turbo loaded with a capacity of 69, 92 and 115hp. In the 90s, gradually withdrawn engines 2.4. After 94 years the 2.0 live to see up g four-valve head. For 96 years left over 2.9 12 valve and 16 valve 2.0. In 96 years 2.9 12v engine replacing the vertical new 4-cylinder 16 valve engine 2.3 (147HP), to the end of production also available to these 2.9 engine with a power of 207hp. With engines working together five ciobiegowe mechanical gearboxes or a four-automatic transmissions, Cosworth version made exclusively by a four-speed automatic transmission.