• Ford Roadster

The Morgan Roadster is a car model manufacturer Morgan Motor. It was launched in 2004 replacing the Morgan Plus 8. Both cars are identical to Exception of the new modern mechanical Ford V6. The new engine has an output of 220hp and is a bit lighter than its predecessor, the Rover V8, which improves the car’s performance and reduced fuel consumption. Air conditioning is now standard on U.S. models.

Like previous models, the Morgan Roadster is equipped Chassis galvanized steel ladder with five cross tubes or box. The body, made of Steel and Aluminum chassis based on ash. At Front suspensions consist of traditional rigid front axle and sliding. At the rear, We find the suspension with leaf springs.

The color range includes standard Royal Ivory, Sport Red, Blue Indigo, Black and Green English. Any combination One or two shades range HERE Autocolour is optional.

Weight in running order inkg (really depends on country regulation): 940