• Ford Ranchero

Ford Ranchero type coupe utility vehicle produced under the mark Ford in 1957 1979. In contrast to typical segment vehicle pick-up, Ranchero was Based on a plate for resting the 2-door station wagon with tacked cabins Passenger ersk and the back pak. Over the whole the time production was formed about 508 355 copies of the model. Baz construction to a small compact vehicles, middle class and full-size Ford (according to needs those of generation).

In the 70s of the twentieth century, Ford sold in South Africa under the name Australian Ranchero version Ford Falcon pick-up. These vehicles motnowane be y in South Africa in the form of CKD. In Argentina under the name Ranchero offered in Serviceability version local Ford Falcon.

Ford Ranchero THEIR enough cy success by General Motors in 1959, presented a floor of Main rival, the Chevrolet El Camino

The first generation Ranchero was a introduced into production in December 1956. Splits While she boards under resting prepa for Ford in the year 1957, they use a y its so small models: Custom sedan with a short wheelbase, 2-door Ranch Wagon station wagon and smiling ytkowy Courier sedan. Wheelbase is 2946 mm long Body for 5131 mm. As a source of drive Du serve y 297 V8 petrol engine (4.9 l)

The second generation debuted Ranchero But as born in 1960. Structurally builds up a on the new Falcon, marking up a smaller than the body previous, wheelbase is 2971 mm long Body for 4801 mm. Also available to small entities R6 (2.4, 2.8 and 3.3) and V8 (4.3 and 4.7), interlocked can S been 3 – or 4-Gears box manual b d 3-speed automatic.

Year 1966 is based up on a modified plate under resting station wagon, marketed to just as the Ranchero. The front waist body and the equipment of the interior comes with a laptop a new Falcon, even though it does not carry car With accurate markings this related. Wheelbase is 2870 mm. Also available is the R6 engines and 3.3 and 2.8 V8 4.7 and 6.4. Mover moved to on about the back by 3-speed gearbox (handwork and machine). Year 1967 is not structurally different than up from the previous front fascia blends, however, the Fairlane model. The name was changed to the Fairlane Ranchero. Vehicles 1967 were included already Segment muscle cars.

The fourth generation debuted background as the 1968. New Ranchero has availability to a head equipped with three levels down: base Ranchero, Ranchero 500 answering Cemu contemporary version of the Fairlane Ranchero GT 500 and the equivalent Torino GT. The vehicle also available to R6-engined V8 4.1 and 4.7, 4.9, 6.4 and 7.0. Mover moved to on about the back by 3-Gears manual b d 3 – or 4-Gears automatic box gear.

In 1970 presented by Fresh on version Ranchero. Cechowa up a It freshens intricate body lines that are writing s up popular in the market North American narrow stylistic trend coke bottle. For three variants equipped down from the previous generation Do Ranchero Squire – look body make Alive Country Squire model.

The sixth generation of the model will up a with the yearbook, 1972. Look of the body was drastically changed, the vehicle cheat more massive look. Buyer he can choose Engine: V8 R6 4.1 and 4.9, 5.8, 6.6, 7.0, and 7.5. Mover moved to on about the back by 4-Gears manual b d Gears 3 automatic box gear. Wheelbase is 2997 mm.

In 1977 finish czono production Torino model, sought so the new vehicle b acorn lying bases construction for the next incarnation Ranchero. Front panel prevent Yczono LTD II model. The only access Pnym engine to V8 6.6. D long Body is and 5591 mm. Be and this is the last generation of the Ranchero.