• Ford Probe

Ford Probe – a sports car produced by the company Ford Motor Company in the years 1988 to 1997. Vehicle was formed as a result of co-operation of Ford and the Japanese company Mazda. The resulting small two generations of the model.

Ford Probe and produced by in the years 1988-1992. only produced 502 599 copies of the first generation.

Ford Probe II produced by in the years 1992-1997. It has been replace divisions by Cougar model. Made exclusively produced 334 674 copies.

Work on the project will begin the second generation of the car Y 1991 years with the participation of the engineer of Ford and Mazda. Japanese scy in Engineers working on the unit the drive dow, chest Transmission and chassis while the Americans have constructed topped chassis and suspension and interior.

In 1994, in the interior of the vehicle was abandoned garnish and added two airbags. In 1995, the car past a delicate modernization. The GT received a spoiler, in which you can be retrofitted with a small so small Ford Probe Base and SE. On the door of freshly It upholstery and side mirrors, and mask once again return with Ford logo.

In subsequent years, improved suspension, new belts installed safety and a more comfortable rear seats.