• Ford Prefect

Geoffrey McGivern (radio and LP) David Dixon (TV)

Ford Prefect is a fictional character from the series The Hitchhiker’s Guide author Douglas Adams.

This character is an alien from the planet Betelgeuse seven, but after an accident (Great Collapsing hrung Disaster of Gal./Sid./Year 03758,) that nobody has memories, Ford and his father are the only ones who were saved from destruction, going to live Betelgeuse five (curiously no one knows what happened, only that after the father died without telling anyone).

Ford grew up as a child by Zaphod; to go to work to the guide he had to write about planetaTierra, but problems could not leave this in 15 years, but could send the wording (which was eventually shortened to be “fundamentally harmless”); while on earth, was passed by an “unemployed actor Guildford town” in the film, Ford and Arthur are close friends because Ford thought cars were the dominant species in land, so I went to greet (with a bouquet of flowers in hand), getting in the way of a moving car, but Arthur passerby saved him; and in the last minutes of the Earth, this tells Arthur that is the planet Betelgeuse and that the earth will be destroyed, so he says the only way to save is by going to the following save Arthur from annihilation land, this ends up traveling in the Golden Heart with the other crew.

Among the things that is very important to give the babel fish Arthur (necessarily, because it gets in the ear); put it on top of all the things that happen (only the most important, heavy form behaves when Arthur asks something), and steal the Mark II to Arthur store in the planet Lamuella (in the book Earth Report: Mostly Harmless)