• Ford Orion

Ford Escort – the compact class car, produced from 1967 to 2000 in Europe, and from 1981 to 2003 in North America. Occur Serious in several body styles: 3 and 5-door liftback, 2 and 4-door sedan (in the years 1983-1993 produced as Orion) and 5-door station wagon, and also a 2-door convertible, van and pick-up. The European version refers background successes include WRC rallies. Ford Escort replace with Ford Focus.

Ford Escort Mk I was presented in 1967 as the next successor Ford Anglia. In 1971, he appears up a version of the Escort Mexico, named after the winning State Rally London to Mexico Rally in 1970. In 1974, appears up a RS2000 sports variety.

Ford Escort Mk II debuted in 1975. Auto engines with unchanged from the first generation of gain With a new body. Variant Mexico (now called Mexico RS) receive Pinto engine 1.6 (instead of 1.6 in Kent Mk I), but Kent 1.6 other Escort Sport variant. Variant RS1600 replace vertical new RS1800, in which capacity Cosworth BDA engine 16v relationship kszono the 1.8 liter version of the RS2000 laugh and aerodynamic overlay Front belt with double headlights.

Ford Escort Mk III was unveiled in September 1980. For the first time in this model using a drive on the front about. Newsflash be of such a small body type liftback three or five ciodrzwiowe, aiming make for directly Average trade Battle with najgro important rival – the Golf Volkswagen. For the first time presented so small version XR3i with the 1.6-liter power of 96hp. In August 1983 was presented 2-door convertible and a version sedan under the name Orion. In a plebiscite on the European car 1981 car hare 1 position.

Ford Escort Mk IV – after face-lift version of the Mk III produced since 1986. The car changed bumpers and appear up a new unit with a capacity of 1.4 liters to you in 1989 in the car mounted the new diesel capacity of more 1.8 liter car was characterized up op ywowym shape tem mask. For other changes belongs up of replacing singing XR3 model of bow illustration branch tor, the model XR3i, which uses fuel injection system K-Jetronic. The most powerful version of the RS Turbo engine with 132hp (often He holds the sun up power 145-150hp) controlled be a system KE-Jetronic injection.

Ford Escort Mk V was presented in 1990 as the next successor Mk IV.

Ford Escort Mk VI/Vb – the first stylistic changes Mk V conducted in 1992, changing the car front ce pas (distinctive oval grille intake in cooler) and rear lights. In 1995 he abandoned the name Orion.

Ford Escort Mk VII – version of the second face lift Mk V et seq Successor Mk VI/Vb presented in January 1995. Again changed front fascia with new headlights and grill and desk Resolution. In 1998, the car was about replacing pione by Focus even small production finish czono only in 2000, a version of the truck in 2002.

Van called Express formation based Escort from 1968 to 2002 with upgrades. In many markets occur Serious so small as Escort Van. With the Escort go most of the elements, some have been adapted to transport needs.

Ford Escort Mk I (USA) has been introduced to the market in 1981 as next successor Pinto. Auto was formed based on the European version of the Escort in 1980 with numerous changes. Auto beautiful not to be having, but thanks to a low price sold was spread profusely. In 1985, the car past a facelift. In 1988, the car passed another facelift.

Ford Escort Mk II (USA) will up in 1990. Auto based on the common structure of the Mazdas 323 From Mazda is 25% of the joint part. For the first time appears up a version of the sedan. In Australia, sold as the Ford Laser and the U.S. twin filler version Escort to Mercury Tracer.

Ford Escort Mk III (USA) – The latest generation of cars will up a in 1997. In this model, the liftback version was abandoned. After allowing version sedan and station wagon. It was first introduced as small two-door coupe under the name ZX2 produced until 2003. Drive over the car is engine capacity of more 2.0-liter 111hp, and the version ZX2 – 126 HP.

At a car dealership in Shanghai Ford presented Concept car escort, having months to announcement The new compact sedan. The car is stylistics taken from t models such as the Focus and Mondeo. Used, among others, LED headlights and grill these alluding months to the style of Aston Martin. New Escort has to vehicle spacious, affordable and technologically advanced. Car going for, among others, for the Chinese, do not know if you get so small in Europe. New Escort has replace with market chinese model Focus II, offered in Asia as “Focus Classic”.