• Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo – a car middle class manufactured and sold by the company Ford Motor Company. The name Mondeo comes from Of Latin from the word mundus, which means light. Currently produced is the fourth generation of this model.

Ford Mondeo Mk I was introduced to the market in 1993 as the car world. The first images have come to in 1992. To one of the most expensive senior new cars in the history of Ford. The priority of this car to be having a safety victory. Was chosen for it Car of the Year 1994. Also available from the beginning in all body styles. In Europe, the model replace with Sierra, The Holy greater part of the Asian markets Ford Telestar, and twin models of the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique is next Successor to the Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz.

Ford forming Mondeo taken third trial create a global car, available Next on all car markets of the world. The project name codes CDW27 move in 1986, and cost the company $ 6 billion. It is one of the most expensive senior design in automotive history. After his previous time in hands Ford to work on the car set up for a one team engineer with the European and the American branch of the company. Mondeo has been created from scratch with, hence the high cost. Furthermore, the manufacturer in During the work on the car implement background new techniques of production. The company that designed Mondeo used cutting-lighter, available computer technology then.

Drive over the new model is pretty new Zetec engines. The engine placed transversely over the front axis. Mover transferred to the wheels and the front of assistance manual, five ciobiegowej transmission gears b d czterobiegowego electronically controlled machine holding a two modes of operation: sporty and economical.

Suspension of the car is a lot of modern brighter than in Sgt. Fully standalone AD, based on the MacPherson strut. The front lower control arms, the back of a lower drag. Both axles featuring s the anti-roll bars.

Driving comfort and safety marriage to boulder Ô·nymi priorities constructors Ford. Therefore, in all the serial versions avaliable be a standard airbag. This is the first in the world where a car airbag be installed with a having to. Contribute was spread is to win titles at the Cars of the Year. Strengthened so sideview are pillars; belts retrofitted complexity in self-tightening, while in richer versions of the standard to ABS. The station wagon purchased separately you can be self-leveling of trades up suspension. The V6 and 4WD control traction and windshield heating system. The seats have found up a soft seats, in the okietniku storage cassette ip board, auto outfitted it with central locking, electric windows and mirrors, p Sliced ??consisting c up the back sofa. Richer versions outfitted it in leather upholstery, computer traveler, electric sunroof.

Ford Mondeo I would equally also available with a package of RS and RS2.

RS Package (also known as RS1) is made up with accurate contributions to the bumpers and overlays on thresholds. Dock Cover for the front bumper allows on a PRZE Imposing a standard halogen front bumper.

RS2 package is whole-dock bumpers and a cover of a threshold. Front bumper had holes prepared for assembly of round small halogen lamps. It is equally whole of grill, which is located emblem “Ford”.

Common elements for RS1 and RS2 packages are mud flaps, rear spoiler mounted on the trunk lid nika, widening wheel arches and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The Ghia can and to be having noted for grill trim in chrome.

From among the wide range of colors, they offered Ford Mondeo and the most distinctive c up Citrine is Geel. This is an acrylic varnish of a bright color between yellow background and green. Option to a small well mirrors painted body color.

Ford Mondeo Mk II was launched in October 1996. In reality you (although many blue-saving descriptions) is not a new model, and only a deep facelift. The assays generational manufacturer is referred to as the first generation.

Mondeo from the years 1993 1996 does not stand out on the up design, having taken technical problems. Their task be to create a car attractive, distinctive appearing a no technical problems and the large amount you space inside.

Cho not changed the plates under resting the car is redesigned whole bodyshells. The only elements of the imminent coming out of the Mondeo And the front door and the roof. Stylistics make For Until ??wcze Do not concern promoted by New Edge design. The front have come to big lights, massive chrome bumper and border guards cooler. The rear bumper was changed to massive. Strengthened metalw Body in view of dem security and improved crumple zones. Strengthened are schists Door, side front with a nice floor. The doors were added steel beams.

The Mondeo improved so small esthetician interior, added, among others, radio control from the steering wheel, though fundamental topped the dashboard is not submissive and change.

In the modernized car will up a number of improvements in the field of safety. Strengthened metalw cars, introduced the three-point belt safety on all seats. For the driver and a passenger were introduced gases pillow air. For the tributary at Buying more you can be on the side airbags.

Ford Mk III – was presented in 2000. In 2003 and 2005 the car past a minor stylistic upgrades. Mondeo this generation, though in many publications occur exists b bottom of the third generation, in reality, according to the nomenclatures Ford Deutschland, is a generation drug.

In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 2001 model hare 2 position (For Alf Romeo 147).

Ford Mondeo Mk IV – presented was in 2007 (according to the nomenclatures manufacturer, this is the third generation). On 25 August 2010, while living in Moscow Ford presented from freshly It version model. Upgraded have been once for all car body versions. Wed Ug producer, Mondeo featuring a diesel engine Ny-liter Duratorq 2.0 b D secretes a small 119 grams of CO2 per kilometer – this is about 10 g /km less than in No previous version. The engine generating 163hp cy consumes has 4,6 l/100km.

In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 2008 model hare 3 position (For the Fiat 500 and Mazdas 2).

Ford Mondeo V was presented at trade fairs North American International Auto Show 2012. new model make chews the look of the Ford Evos Concept European (presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show) and previous generation Ford Mondeo.

Like the Focus and Fiesta models, the new Mondeo is geared to scale a global, so you cb going similar to the American Ford Fusion.

On the 65th Frankfurt Motor Show Ford presented version Vignale. Model was characterized up first of all, revised bumpers that part the elements of sport and luxury. Used as small new chrome grille and a few items in the same trim combined: door handles, mirrors and housing 20-inch hoop circles created specifically for this concept. Interior Mondeo Vignale trim czono using leather, additionally with chrome strips a foot, the leather armrests and seats with soft leather with markings series Vignale. In addition, the skin obszyto equally wheel steering wheel, instrument panel, console Centered and the middle under armrest.