• Ford Model T

Ford T model of a passenger car with a simple design, produced by the Ford Motor Company in 1908 1927 Ford factories in the whole globe. Replace with he produced early in the Model S, and in 1927 he was replace risers new Model A.

Car Ford Model T was formed in 1908. Its head builders were Henry Ford, C. Harold Wills, Jezsef Galamb and Jen Farkas. The main for submitting her Henry Ford be to create a car for drag murky American family. In addition, the car was taking to cheap, simple in structure, easy to repair, easy to drive, town soft suspension and big PRZE dawn, makes happily months rides the animal pits. The concept turned up a hit. 27 SEPTEMBER 1908 years factory gates Piquette Plant in Detroit has left the first copy of the Ford Model T. Dat t recognizes up for the beginning of mass motorization.

With the increase in the production of small And the price of the vehicle. Originally the price is With $ 850, but here before attempting sleeping United States entered World War, the price dropped below $ 400. In the 20th century, the price fluctuated up around $ 300, the factory worker wages amount to Smokers $ 5, and the 20 7 $ a day (which represent approximately 150% p Acy market).

Although Henry Ford’s motto in 1914: “you can either get a car in every color under the condition will for the color black” Model T did not lose for success. Made exclusively in black painted it in 1914 In 1926. Known by car equally with a variety of endearment and sometimes the background hunters determined looking. The most famous, the “Tin Lizzie” (called: Tin El Union).

Model T Ford produced a total of more than 15 million copies. Eat if it comes to cars with a homogeneous, essentially niezmienianej construction, the record sketchy Only Volkswagen Beetle.

Ford T, though to relatively modern, not to the most technically advanced, nor the most perfect car of its time. Not to these the first car produced on tape assembly of that. The reasons its success became an constant d-up of its creators to perfect a love. Method of producing a car that revolutionized background face of industry in the car, is on his montage finished of rough on the moving tape production by two-or three-team employees. Initially produce one copy of the model T he holds of approximately 12 hours. Thanks to a gradual improvement of the concept of assembly of this Carbamic this time submissive significantly reduced. At the end of production in 1927, producing a Ford he holds for about 90 minutes. Thanks this increase in performance, you could possible be of considerable lowering of the car price: from $ 1,000 in 1908 to less than a small $ 300 in 1927. This, in turn, became an to a large extent, causes its huge for popularity.

At that time did not exist With concept zamienno Your part. In case of damage, belongs up of man perform yourself, or order at the factory for appropriately high amounts and waiting on the implementation order. Ford, along with the model T introduce zamienno part and cataloged them accordingly. It has a small one large tolerances so that each one he can corrects them. However, most of the with them you can be about to buy in any store an iron in the United States and the cost of their purchase to her longer than repair.

Legendary lasts For Ford T-stemmed with high quality used material for and a thoughtful cast, extremely simple design. The car does not have fuel pump, power supply branch nika done was spread with the participation of gravity. Cause With problems when taken with children under the steep hill, when the remaining fuel in the tank. Equally System cooling is done up without involving the pump. Suspension Ford composable with up the rigid axle, sprung for help springs arranged transversely elliptical. Despite its simplicity arrangement provides big jump circle essential gout for driving on bumpy roads. Wooden spoked wheel had veins diameter 21 inches and be provided with s pneumatic tires. Uncomplicated arrangement of brake composable up mounted on the rear of the church s b reels assisted brake acting embracing on the arrangement of the transfer drive large. Because Henry Ford wanted nada his car as the most universal character, the rear hub have been designed to can for using transmission belt drive spends used on farms device. Enough For this purpose unions you car, photo circles and the background angry the correct lane.

Model for affairs snack unit planetary leads up in an original way, but at the same time not very simple. It has three pedals, including a middle bit hanging on you at parties driver. Left is responsible for rides to the front, middle for rides to the rear and the right start brake.

Before starting belongs up on the jam pulled auxiliary brake, what cause for still Pushing the left pedal in the mid-cleaned out at the same time arc. Press Pedals to stop, the driver behind, link first gear and let go c it completely do not second gear. Quickly regulated was spread Shifter the steering wheel. When driving forward, still on her path middle pedal on (riding backwards) cause For braking the vehicle and only continue after stopping the car rides to the rear The second pages situation look like a analogously.

The system checks up perfectly when auto up locatio with or ugrz with o Pushing an alternate pedal s left and middle you can be about swinging Auto and easily “leaving for with oppression.” From the view of the origional Served by, in pre-war Poland to conduct entitles the Model T Ford with a separate category license.

The car frame is based on a flexible line to which it was mounted on the overhang, rear and engine. Mover is combustion engine, four-cylinder, four-stroke, with a capacity of 2898 cm3 displacement you and the power of 22.5hp. The engine block was cast to together with the cylinder liners. Important without counterweight weights based on three background bearings’s Major. Engine, clutches background and gearbox had a small one bowl oils. Drive over passed by to the rear wheels through a box scissor with snack unit Planetary. The fuel tank was located up on the frame, under the front sofa. The vehicle suspension is based was spread pi??rowych the single transverse leaf spring. The frame construction allows the background to an arbitrary her part elevated position body. Model T Tin open chassis has weighed of approximately 540kg and develops speed 65km/h

Model T Ford that equipment located in the set vertically, Shared across the front windows. In its upper part is mounted Served ugiwan handmade doormat.

Rectangular grille radiator model T be a topped with a decorative infusion of liquid boy cov lying.

In the interior of the Ford installed two comfortable couches lined with quilted skin.

Model T to produced in a number of body variants, 2 – and 4-door, open or closed ones and were also as truck and van. Made of high quality steel car body be painted black. The paint was chosen because of its low Pricing and lasts for. Contrary to popular belief, the assembly line rides a small car sometimes other colors to be having them, however, relatively little about Many elements of the car, including bodyshells and suspension are made of steel with a dash vanadium. Provide background is a superb design endurance while maintaining a relatively light weight.

Model T Ford that propelled placed in the front, 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.9-liter you about 20hp. The modernity of structures unit motive can e renders The engine block is made as a single cast (then engines had with a laptop-rule separately cast individual cylinders) equipment in a vibrant lobby space, a novel arrangement zap combustion and electric starter instead of the commonly used crank. Drive over to transmitted to the rear about through a two-speed gear unit planetary. The car reaches a speed maximum of approximately 68km/h and be to economical – fuel consumption is 10-15 l/100km.

After 19 years of production, despite entering it constantly changes, Ford T fixed up obsolete s technically and was not able d with small to compete vehicles from other manufacturers. In May of 1927 years the factory gates has left the last of more than 15 million copies of the car.