• Ford Model B

Taking the designation has been used before, Ford introduced the new Ford Model B in 1932, as a successor to the Ford Model A.

It was made available in various body configurations, coupe, roadster, sedan and phaeton.

The Model B was originally equipped with a four-cylinder engine, but at that time Ford put into production its new Flathead V8 engine. The car equipped with this engine was marketed as a Model 18, but is best known as the Ford V8. This model is indistinguishable from the Model B, in spite of the Ford produce in this period only one model at a time.

Today, the 1930 Model B is a model highly sought after by collectors that restoring it is also one of the most popular cars to be turned into hot rods.

With the slang term Deuce Coupe, it refers to the Ford Model B coupe in 1932. During the forties the ’32 Ford became an ideal hot rod. The main changes concerned the strengthening of the engine and the lightening of the car.

  • Ford Model B

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