• Ford Model AC

The Model C was one of the first cars produced by Ford at the beginning of the twentieth century.

It was introduced in 1904 and was a version with a more modern aesthetic of the former Ford Model A. This car wheelbase was lengthened by 15 cm and was fitted with a slightly more powerful engine. The latter was a two-cylinder horizontally opposed, and it distributed 10hp.

The production of the Model C and Model A took place at the same time. The Model A could be, upon request, with the engine of the Model C thus giving rise to a model that was called Model AC.

The Model C was sold at 850 U.S. dollars. It was also possible to buy a 4 seater version which cost $ 100 more. A request was available a rubber cover ($ 30) or leather ($ 50).

Production ended in 1905 after it had been produced 800 units.