• Ford Ikon

Ford Ikon car with bodywork sedan produced by the Ford Motor Company since 2000, sold on the Asian market, African American and Latin America.

Ford Ikon I would produced in 2000 2007, a Mexican the plant production Ford. Under the hood Icon will can a small three engines. Two petrol 1.3 75hp and 1.6, that disposal of fixed assets power 95hp, and also a 1.8 diesel with a capacity of only 60hp. Icons by varieties Ford Fiesta sedan drink this generation. Auto goes For the Indian markets, the Chinese and African elephant. In Europe, the Ikon would not sold since This type of bodywork in a small car is not a desired in this part of the world.

Ford Ikon II is produced since 2008 by the company Ford. The car is sold in the Republic of South Africa and India. Icons II is sold with two drive units Sations 1.6 petrol with 101hp and 68-hp turbodiesel 1.4. For the year 2012 is planned modernization of the model and the introduction of a variety hatchback.