• Ford GT70

The Ford GT70 was a racing sports car of Ford of Britain in 1970 and 1971 and was produced for rally racing. A total of 6 units were built. Were used many parts from the Ford Zodiac. Various engines were installed: 1600 GT: Kent-line four-cylinder, 1599cc, 86 PS 1600 RS: four-valve BDA-line four-cylinder, 1601cc, 120hp 2600: V6 Cologne, 2520cc, 125hp 3000: V6 Essex, 2994cc, 128hp from the Ford Capri.

The power transmission was performed by ZF 4DS10 4-speed or 5-speed manual ZF 5DS25 and rear-wheel drive with limited slip differential. The engines were installed as a mid-engine. The GT70 is based on an idea by Ford Motorsport Director, Stuart Turner, Jochen Neerpasch and factory rally driver Roger Clark.


  • Ford GT-70

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