• Ford GT

Ford GT supercar produced by the company Ford Motor Company in the years: 2003 2007.

The pattern for the designers of the GT to Ford GT40 of the 60 twentieth century (GT40 Take the name of snake up from the height of the vehicle ie 40 inches). In the 60s on the track racing in the Grand Prix reigns small cars Ferrari. His then Than the heads of Ford decided to break t pass and pick up prestige of its own business. So in the background There was formed GT40. Ford proves Small can that wins Ferrari victory Claus c 4 times in a row 24-hour Race Le Mans. Auto to be having at that time futuristic, its design provides background stability and endurance needed the long hair, 24-hour marathons.

Ford GT, commemorates those successes, but not the first trial resurrect the legend. In the ninth Fifty’s Ford presented Ford GT90 prototype of the V12 engine with four springs with weights with a capacity of 720hp. That model did not live to see up production even in the short series.

The current model resembles originals, though is just slightly higher. It has an engine power of 550hp supercharged V8, a central engine placement improves the distribution arrangement of mass and stability. The interior has a lot of elements of perforated aluminum. Elements such as electric windows, air conditioning and audio system located up the fitted-up standard. Auto to be having to purchase in Europe for 111 thousands of pounds (ie approximately about 660 thousands of the gold exchange rate from the time of sale), and the United States for 153 thousands of dollars (or approximately 460 thousands of golden, the course of 2006). Planned production 4500 copies, but finish czono j after the formation of about 4000 pieces.