• Ford GPA

Ford GPA – p sailing personality-car off-road, construction of an American, from the Second World War.

The vehicle designation refers consecutive letters piled up to:

Already before attempting asleep U.S. to World War II, command of the U.S. Army, planned for her share in the fighting. Planned to include making, in mid 1942, a series of amphibious operations in Sea basin r??dziemnego. To this end, the National Defence Committee with her axis in April 1941, the demand for a light czteroko head amphibious. The vehicle will receive official designation QMC-4 1/4-Ton Truck Light Amphibian. Mia he town the masses not exceeding c 1200kg. In July 1941, producing whole clothing company Sparkman & Stephens, received a commission to prepare sketches of the body. Cooperate trades with her plant layouts Marmon-Herrington three month later present a small project finished vehicle. His co-author of that ideas odawca amphibious DUKW – Roderick Stephens Junior. Vehicle concept was approved by representatives of the army. They suggested, however, that the basics car design should be, fall months in the background not for production, Willys MA. In December 1941, the project they joined A Company Ford Motor Company. Already February 2, 1942 to present and she prototype vehicle based on metalw Ford GPW. Think linen passed It attempts to swimming on the Detroit River. Zak layouts Marmon-Harrington your vehicle prototype QMC-5, present s only month old baby later. In comparative trials, winning Cubic came out Ford vehicle. It turned out up on about 180kg l lighter than competitor. It was decided, however, after it connects Both components of the structure. With a rejected vehicle used was shape and methods of joining of elements of the body.

11 April 1942 This was taken a decision This picture was taken five series production car Ford GPA. Whilst not ordered 5,000 of its copies. Nied long later, the contract say Kszono to 7896 pieces.

Production mind s technological problems. Production of the first series started it only in October 1942. Subsequent graduated czono to mid-May 1943. Finally, due Score ego of interest on the part of the Army of the United States, production was halted and June 30, 1943.

Combat debut new vehicles next fist, in November 1942, during Operation Torch. There had to be there s still used its primary asset – you options with a swimming. Arrived with a laptop naval landing craft, like other vehicles.

Quickly came out s apparent structural defects, flowing from the Piesznego implementation poses to production. Cars n spoon small frequent failures. In addition, the vehicles turned piled up too a heavy. Having taken it impacted on their maneuvering, And also a safety marriage crew. Their immersion during swimming, danger For flooding and sinking moths. Limited be and these them payload. This was taken so the decision to delegate most of the vehicles they manufactured, allied armies.

Largest foreign recipient Ford cars to GPA The Soviet Union. 3520 copies were exported there. In 1944 he started there even the license production under the designation GAZ 011 The Red Army cars that have found a si on the fitted-up branches and sapper reconnaissance branches assault. Took her pregnancy, they share among others to push the Vistula river and the Oder.

Repainted (shall we say Increased by a 10%) vehicles occur fist y film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull this.